6 Great Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas

The global pandemic and its fallout brought with it a number of practices and restrictions designed to keep people separate. Quarantine rules, social distancing five-person maximums at social gatherings. While these rules have been necessary to stop the spread of the virus, they have wreaked havoc on our social lives.

So what do you do when your child’s birthday rolls around? The option of a traditional kids birthday party might be off the table. But with a little bit of ingenuity, your child can still have the best birthday yet!

Here are a few social distancing friendly kids party options that will ensure the little ones still have a great birthday.

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  1. Have a Virtual Party

Get your child and their friends to log onto Skype or Zoom. It’ll feel like they’re all in the same room again! Give them a chance to talk, hang out and have some fun together. You can even come up with fun game ideas that can be played online as a group. Old classics like Truth or Dare, Would You Rather? and 20 Questions translate really well to the virtual space.

  1. Have a Game Night

If your kids are gamers, then chances are they can organise their own game night with their friends. To give it a real party atmosphere, you can coordinate with the other parents to decorate all the rooms and supply the kids all the favourite party foods and drinks.

  1. Plan a Parade

Ask your child’s friends to drive by the house to give their best wishes. They can even get creative with signs and decorating their cars too.

Alternatively, you can take your child on a drive to see all their friends. Encourage friends to decorate their homes and yards to celebrate your kid’s birthday.

  1. Have a Movie Night

There are lots of apps that let you watch movies with friends from afar. With Netflix Party you can stream a Netflix movie to multiple screens with a group chat option. Stock up on popcorn and drinks and your child can have a night at the movies with their friends.

Kids Parties Melbourne
  1. Livestream a Special Performance

Princesses, superheroes, clowns and magicians are still ready to entertain your child thanks to technology. Speak to a party performer agency to see what services they offer. A favourite character may be able to send them a special video or even talk to them live. Many performers can even put on a show via livestream.

  1. Create a Movie or Card Package

Ask friends and family to record a clip of themselves wishing your child well. They could talk about fun things they’ve done together or things they love about them. Edit the clips together for a special video package.

For a more traditional approach, ask friends and family to send cards and letters for your child to open on the big day.

While it might be a while yet until kids parties are as big as they used to be, there’s still plenty you can do to make your child’s birthday special. They may even have some good ideas of their own!

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Sandra Russell

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