Why you should leave Car Scratch Repairs to the Pros

As a car owner, you want to avoid expensive repairs as much as possible. To do this, you have to be vigilant and nip problems in the bud as soon as possible. Additionally, you should take care not to worsen the damage while undertaking repairs.

To the untrained eye, minor scratches can seem like an easy fix. However, using the improper DIY solution can often lead to more problems for your car’s exterior. If you try to repair the scratch without help from an experienced panel beater or car detailer, you run the risk of damaging the metal underneath the paint, which can lead to seriously costly panel repairs.

If your vehicle has been scratched, you will need someone with the appropriate tools to diagnose and fix the issue. Here are five reasons you should leave car scratch repairs to the pros.

  1. DIY repairs are unsightly

Despite how eager you are to fix the scratch yourself, DIY repairs often end up being subpar. For an untrained individual, it’s hard to get the look just right. You have to consider colour matching, the evenness of the paint, the sealing and the primer. When conducting repairs, you will need to know which products to buy as well as how to apply said products. For the average motorist, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly, which, in turn, can lead to mistakes.

Because the automotive painting process is so complicated, a lot of DIY repair work ends up looking amateurish. Oftentimes, a poorly executed repair job looks worse than the initial damage. As such, DIY scratch repairs are usually not worth the effort.

  1. You could cause further damage to the exterior

While it might look trivial, a small scratch can actually be much deeper than it looks. If the metal underneath the paint has been damaged, you will need the help of a panel beater to repair it. This must be done before applying the new coat of paint.

Most people will have no experience with handling metals. As such, DIY metal repairs are discouraged. Even if you know how to remedy damaged metal surfaces, you will still need professional help to prepare and dismantle the vehicle panels for repainting.

By trying to fix the issue on your own, you could exasperate the damage and make the problem worse. Corrosion and structural weakening are a couple of issues that you can run into during the process. Therefore, when dealing with a scratch, it’s best to avoid DIY repairs and get the help of a professional.

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  1. Professional assessments

Like any kind of damage, accurate diagnosis is important. Often, the true severity of the damage is not revealed until it’s much too late.

When it comes to car scratches, you need to be familiar with the different layers that make up your car’s finish. Before you conduct repairs you need to know if the scratch has damaged the clear coat, the paint layer, the primer or the metal panel itself. Depending on the depth of the scratch, you will need to conduct different repair methods.

If your car has a small scratch, it’s easy to just dismiss as a shallow blemish. Over time, however, dirt and moisture will find its way into the deep scratch. This can cause the scratch to expand and the metal to corrode.

As a result, it’s important to get a professional to evaluate the car and determine just how serious the damage actually is. It’s a time-consuming and frustrating process, but it can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

  1. Matching the paint is a nightmare

Professionals can help you find the right colour for your car. Try as you may, it is almost impossible to match the colour of your current paint job without professional assistance.

If you end up using a slightly light shade of blue, the damage that you’re trying to cover up will become more visible. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a professional to repaint your exterior.

  1. Prevents further issues

Even if you somehow found the right colour and applied it properly, you still need to make sure that it will last. To maintain a paint job, you will need to understand different sealants, waxes and primers. Additionally, if the metal underneath was damaged, you will need to make sure that the structural integrity of the material will not be compromised over time.

To do all of this properly will require a high level of understanding and skill. To avoid the risk of future problems occuring, it is highly recommended that you consult a professional about car scratches.

A DIY job might seem like the cheaper option. However, the results and the possible consequences can become very expensive indeed. Save yourself some money and trouble. If your car is scratched, make sure to get the help of a professional.

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