Why you need to Steam Clean your Carpets

There’s more to carpet cleaning than a quick vacuum once a week. Vacuuming can remove the dust, dirt and other physical contaminants from carpets, but it can’t penetrate deep into the carpet fibres to remove stains, kill germs and bacteria and rejuvenate your carpets. For that, you need steam cleaning.

The Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Whether you’re hiring a DIY carpet steam cleaner or a professional carpet cleaning company, there are a number of benefits to getting your carpet periodically steam cleaned.

  • Protect your health

You may not think it, but an unclean carpet can affect your health. For starters, carpet can harbour a range of nasties, including insects, germs, bacteria and mould. If you regularly find yourself getting sick with no clear explanation, your carpet may be the culprit. A dirty carpet can exacerbate existing conditions like allergies, asthma or skin conditions or even pass on new illnesses, especially if mould has settled into your carpets.

While vacuuming is a good first step to ensuring your carpet doesn’t negatively affect your health, it isn’t as effective as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning allows for the deepest possible clean, penetrating deep into the carpet fibres. Steam cleaning also uses much higher temperatures than vacuuming or carpet shampooing. These temperatures will effectively kill over 99% of common carpet bacteria and germs.

Keeping your carpet free of these nasties is also extremely important if you have young children. When they crawl around on the carpet, they are more likely to be exposed to these germs. Additionally, as their immune systems are not fully developed, they may also suffer more serious consequences from exposure to these harmful microbes.

Even if your carpet doesn’t contain these microbes, it will definitely catch dust. If you have allergies, this can then mean spending time at home, particularly around your carpet, is an unpleasant experience for you. You may find yourself needing to use allergy medication more often, which can have side effects.

  • Provides a much deeper clean

We’ve all had that heart-dropping moment where we’ve spilt something on the carpet. Whether it’s red wine, ink or tomato sauce, you need to act fast to clean it up. If not, your carpet may be stained badly.

While there are lots of carpet stain removers out there, they may not always work. Some can even cause further damage, like fading or bleaching, if not properly used.

However, steam cleaning is often the best stain remover there is, particularly for stains that have had time to settle in. The high temperatures, combined with the physical agitation of the carpet fibres means that steam cleaning can lift out stains that regular carpet shampooing will have no hope of removing.

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  • Removes odours

Steam cleaning is also extremely effective when it comes to removing carpet odours. If you have pets, you may be used to certain smells lingering in your carpet. Carpet deodorisers can be useful to mask nasty odours, but steam cleaning will get rid of them for good.

  • Removes mould

Carpet steam cleaning doesn’t just remove the visible presence of mould, it actually kills the mould spores, leaving your carpets hygienic and looking and smelling great. The high steam cleaning temperatures kill the mould and the physical agitation of the brush attachment actually loosens the mould from the fibres, helping to eradicate all traces of the mould infestation rather than just removing the stains.

  • Extend the life of your carpet

Regular cleaning is important for getting the most out of your carpet. A clean carpet is one that will last longer as the fibres are kept in good condition. This is why you shouldn’t skip a weekly vacuum.

However, because steam cleaning provides a deeper clean than vacuuming, it can extend the useful life of your carpet. It can help rejuvenate carpet fibres, eliminating signs of daily wear and tear and restoring bounce and depth to the carpet. So before you consider replacing your carpet, try steam cleaning first. If you want to get the most out of your carpet, you need to be steam cleaning it. Steam cleaning means cleaner, longer lasting carpets without nasty stains or odours.

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