Why You Need Outdoor Plantation Shutters For Your Home

Outdoor plantation shutters have remained a consistent trend in home design, outlasting countless other here-today-gone-tomorrow design fads. Thanks to their classic look, appealing functionality and impressive affordability, outdoor plantation shutters are here to stay.

If you’re building your dream home or simply renovating your existing property, there are countless reasons as to why you should install outdoor plantation shutters.

Privacy in your outdoor space

One of the best things about outdoor plantation shutters is that they can provide you with privacy even when you’re outside. Whether your neighbours’ windows are looking right into your backyard or you want to create an intimate feeling in your outdoor space, outdoor plantation shutters mean that you can avoid any unwanted attention both night and day.

They also add extra privacy when you’re inside your home, which means that you can keep your blinds and windows open without compromising your privacy at the same time.

Temperature control

Every Australian knows that our weather can be unpredictable, from scorching summers to wet and windy winters. But who’s to say that should stop you from enjoying your outdoor area whenever you please? High-quality timber plantation shutters will protect your outdoor space from rain and wind, and provide that all-important shade from the hot Aussie sun.

This means that you and your family can entertain guests whenever you please, and make the most out of your entertaining space no matter what the weather conditions are outside.


Outdoor shutters can be customised to include a locking system, adding an extra layer of security to your home. They are also surprisingly strong and durable, making them incredibly difficult to break. This will make it even harder for intruders to break in, helping you to protect the wellbeing of your family as well as all your valuable belongings.

Many insurance companies even offer lower premiums for homes with plantation shutters, thanks to their impressive endurance and the impressive protection that they offer.

Added appeal

Finally, another great thing about outdoor shutters is the instant boost of appeal that they can add to any home. Just as much as you enjoy your outdoor shutters, so will the next owners of your home. They’re a great selling point and can help draw in potential buyers and even raise the value of your property.

This makes them a sound investment in your future, and one that will only go up in value as time goes by.

As you can see, outdoor plantation shutters can make a fabulous addition to any home. They have the power to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property but also can greatly improve its liveability. If you’re interested in installing outdoor plantation shutters in your home, reach out to your local experts today and explore your options in more detail.

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Gerry Vi Kon

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