What you Need to Consider Before Building a Townhouse

With its combination of the space and privacy of a house but the shared land of an apartment, townhouses remain a staple in the property market. Not only do they offer many of the benefits of a house at a cheaper price point, but they also allow developers to build several properties on a single block of land.

Multi-story properties that share up to two walls, townhouses have their own private entrances but are on the same block of land. If you’re thinking about building a set of townhouses, you’ve got a great chance at making a successful investment with a healthy profit. But before you start this journey, it’s important that you know the risks involved and understand the process ahead. A few seemingly simple mistakes can greatly hinder your chances of a successful investment, so make sure you read this article closely and do plenty of research on the subject.

Here are the top 4 things you need to consider before finding the right townhouse builder needed for a smart, fruitful investment.

Town planning

The role of a town planner in the construction process is often overlooked, but it’s one that can’t be ignored. A town planner specialises in planning legislation and policy, as well as overseeing local and state government approval processes.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable town planner will help you to ensure that your project is compliant with local laws and that the planning and construction process will run smoothly and successfully. They will also be able to provide you with budgetary advice as well as insight into the property market, making them an invaluable addition to any team.


When designing your townhouse, you need to know who your target demographic is. Are you building the property purely to sell or rent? If so, make sure that you know who you’re building for and what they’ll be looking for in a home. This could include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard space and local amenities.

If you’re building a home for your own family, consider what you need in a home and how you can get the best possible results while staying within your budget. But remember, chances are you won’t stay in this house forever. Tailor the home to your needs but avoid making decisions that may alienate potential buyers down the road. This way, you can save yourself from having to conduct costly alterations to your home in order to make it marketable and make back your investment.


The location of your townhouse will greatly influence its value and how much you can expect to pocket from your investment. In many communities, apartments are located the closest to shops and public transportation, with the quieter streets with traditional houses further out. Townhouses tend to sit in the middle, and the closer to the local amenities the more in demand your townhouses will be.

Townhouses are particularly popular in outer-city suburbs 20 kilometres and more out from the city. They offer first-time buyers a foot in the door of the property market and are affordable, spacious and perfect for a young family.


On top of the location, it’s critical that your development has amenities nearby that’ll pull buyers or renters in. There’s no use having a townhouse that’s centrally located in a neighbourhood with minimal amenities of its own. Be on the lookout for a lot that’s close to parks, shops, public transport, public pools and playgrounds.

This is especially important if your development is located in the outer suburbs, as many people will only consider moving out if the amenities will make it worth their while. No one wants to drive 20 minutes to the nearest supermarket, so make sure you don’t narrow your market by purchasing a lot in the middle of nowhere. While there’ll always be some looking for a bargain who may be interested in such a home, your pool of buyers will be smaller and so will the value of the property.

When done right, a townhouse can be a solid financial investment and a smart foray into the property market. While every investment comes with its fair share of risks, considering the points in this article will help you to make the most informed decisions possible and set yourself up for much future success.

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Mark Ainley

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