What to Bring to a Baby Shower

If you haven’t been to a baby shower before you might be a little confused as to what to bring. Do you bring a gift for the newborn or do you bring something for the soon-to-be mum? What do you do if you don’t know the gender of the newborn yet? Should you bring a gift for both the parents and the baby?

In this blog, we’re going to try to help you prepare for your first baby shower by discussing a few gift ideas. We’ll discuss practical gifts such as baby massage oils, bedding and clothing. To make sure we cover a wide range of gifts, we’ll also discuss keepsakes like books and stuffed toys.

  1. Bedding and blankets

A blanket is one of the more practical gifts that you can bring to a baby shower. For the first few months, bedding and blankets will be able to keep the baby warm and comfortable during the night.

The best part about blankets is that you can personalise them in various ways. Most custom services nowadays will allow you to put the child’s name on the blanket along with their favourite patterns and imagery.

If you want to go a step further, you can even make the blanket yourself. This gives the item more of a personal touch. Once the baby grows out of it, the parents can still hold on to the hand-made blanket as a keepsake.

  1. Baby skincare products

Baby skin is extremely soft, smooth and vibrant. Unfortunately, it’s also vulnerable to rashes, eczema and various other skin conditions. To protect the baby’s precious skin, you may want to gift the soon-to-be mum with organic skin care products.

Baby Massage Oil

Organic skincare items are devoid of harmful substances and ingredients like parabens and sulphates. Natural skincare products will also ensure that the baby’s skin is protected, nourished and hydrated.

Popular baby skincare products include skin lotion, body wash, massage oils and bottom creams. Plenty of online retailers also offer baby gift boxes that include all skincare essentials along with accessories like swaddle wraps.

  1. Necessities

If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with gifting necessities. These might be nappies, pacifiers, teethers, various toiletries, nail clippers, rash ointments, thermometers, pain relievers, and mittens.

A lot of retailers nowadays sell pre-arranged baby hampers that include most of the necessities that a newborn will need. If the baby has particular requirements, you can also put together a baby hamper of your own.

  1. Keepsakes

For gift givers, keepsake gifts are probably the most exciting to buy. You don’t have to think about practicality, you just need to think about how to maximise enjoyment.

Popular keepsake gifts include children’s books, stuffed animals, trinket boxes and scrapbooks. If you want to personalise the keepsake, you can also consider the parents’ interests as well. For example, if the family is into sports, perhaps you can get a customised sports jersey for the baby.

Hopefully, this list has helped you choose the perfect baby shower gift. Unfortunately, baby showers can be tricky. Most gifts either become obsolete after a few months or don’t get used by the parents at all. To save yourself from overthinking, it’s best to stick with your gut feeling. If you believe a certain item will bring joy to the new family at that specific moment, then go with that item. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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Kerri Chadwick

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