What is Smart Lighting?

Gone are the days of having a single solitary light bulb and light switch for each room of the house. Now, smart lighting technology allows you to connect your lights with compatible technology to take your home to the next level.

Smart lighting is an efficient and convenient way to modernise your home, enhance livability and reduce your power consumption. So let’s find out more about smart lighting and why you should consider upgrading your home lighting.

How it works

Once your smart light system is installed, you can connect the system to your home network via your wifi network or bluetooth. Then, you can use your phone or tablet to control every aspect of your smart lighting from anywhere in the world. If you use bluetooth, you’ll have to install a hub as well that will allow you to control your smart lighting when you’re out of range.

Your smartphone will direct your wifi network or hub to send a signal to the smart light bulbs, enabling you to turn them on or off, dim them or change the colour, all from the palm of your hand.

Daylight sensors

One of the biggest selling points of smart lighting technology is its ability to sense daylight and adjust the bulbs accordingly.

As the level of sunlight rises and falls throughout the day, the output level of lighting adjusts itself accordingly. Alternatively, your smart lighting system can be put on a timer to meet the specific needs of you and your family.

Motion sensors

The daylight sensors work together with motion sensor technology to detect when a space is being used. If you walk into any room in your house with smart lighting, the motion sensors will communicate your movement to the daylight sensors.

Then, the daylight sensors will assess the amount of natural light in the room and react accordingly. When you leave the space and the room is empty, the motion sensors will turn off the lights in the room immediately.

Occupancy sensors

While motion sensors are great at detecting when someone enters or exits a room, they can sometimes fail to sense our presence. This can lead to motion sensors turning lights off after a certain period with no one entering or leaving a room, even if someone remains present.

This is where occupancy sensors come into play. They can detect your presence in a room even without physical movement. This way, you don’t have to worry about the lights turning off in your home if you’re watching TV or working at your desk.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are highly effective at sensing movement, due to their cutting edge technology. They emit a high-frequency wave, to which the control panel then detects the frequency of the wave reflected back in order to sense any movement.

Ultrasonic sensors are so good at what they do because they have no blind spots, have a large range and can’t be obstructed. However as they are highly sensitive, ultrasonic sensors need to be calibrated with any ventilation or cooling systems to avoid being set off by them.

The benefits of smart lighting

There are plenty of benefits to installing a smart lighting system.


Makeshift home security systems have been around for a long time, and by this point most burglars have them all figured out. Whether it’s leaving the lights on or using an old-fashioned timer, these techniques are one of the world’s worst kept secrets and actually attract attention from thieves.

However with smart lighting, a simple light bulb can be transformed into a high-tech and effective security system. Rather than sticking to a predictable schedule, smart lighting can be used to mimic how we actually use lights in our home. With the ability to be controlled remotely from our phones, smart lighting can be randomised or put on a unique, ever-changing schedule that far outshines previous alternatives.

Energy eficiency

Smart lighting uses a variety of sensors to detect movement in their vicinity. When there’s no one around, they can be set to either turn off or dim. They can also be set to adjust to daylight, and will dim according to how much natural light is present. This again saves energy by only using the lights when they are needed.

This saves an incredible amount of energy by avoiding lights being left on when no one is using them. Smart lighting also uses LED bulbs, which use approximately 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last over 20 times longer.


Smart lighting offers set-and-forget convenience and ease in your home, with its ability to be controlled from your phone and tailored to your and your family’s preferences and needs.

Set your lights on personalised timers that suit when you wake up and leave home, and even have them turn back on when your phone is in range of your house. Create the ambience and mood you desire with endless dimming and colour options that can transform any part of the house.

Where it can be used

Industrial Lighting


One of the most visually stunning ways to use smart lighting technology is in your pool and spa. They deliver energy-efficient and spectacular colours that elevate any outdoor living area. With a range of colour and timing options, you have complete control over the aesthetics and effect of your new smart-lit pool.


When you have a luscious and beautiful garden, you want to show it off. Smart lighting allows you to showcase your garden in the most impressive way possible, even throughout the darkness. It awards you complete control over how and when you light your garden and accentuate whatever trees, plants and outdoor design features you please. LED oyster lighting remains one of the most popular options for gardens, as do more industrial styles.

Entertainment areas

Smart lighting is also a sure-fire way to enhance your outdoor entertainment area. They can make any outdoor space look inviting, beautiful and relaxing, and are perfect for setting the mood during parties and events. It’s a great option for those who love entertaining, and are looking for ways to wow their guests. Installing smart solar lighting is another way to improve your outdoor entertainment area and conserve energy.


Smart lighting technology not only adds a layer of convenience and sustainability to your home, but it also can have an amazing visual effect. Backlighting over artwork, bookcases and fireplaces can add a dramatic flair. Accent hue lighting in cupboards and bulkheads will brighten dim areas and bring your home out of the shadows.

Whether indoors, outdoors or both, smart lighting technology can bring your home out of the dark ages and into the future. Conserve energy, enhance aesthetics and simplify your life by investing in smart lighting technology today.

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