Beyond the Basics: 

Pub Events to Liven Up Your Night

Drink & Draw Events

Break out the paints, pour out a pinot and get the creative juices flowing! Drink and draw events have become increasingly popular in recent years with plenty of different options from carcoals and watercolours to cartooning, life drawing and more.

Trivia Nights

Everyone loves a classic pub trivia night. Grab some friends, have a few drinks and test your general (or very niche) knowledge. A trivia night is always good for a laugh and a great way to wind up your extra competitive friends!

Pub Bingo

Throughout the game there’s also plenty of opportunity for socialising with friends old and new alike to make an enjoyable evening even better. And there’s nothing like that feeling of jumping up and yelling BINGO!

Speed Dating

Speed dating is an exciting way to meet potential partners. Speed dating can be a fun night out with friends or alone – either way you’ll have plenty of chances to make connections and develop lasting relationships that might otherwise not have happened.

Open Mic Nights

Open mic nights provide a great opportunity for aspiring musicians, performers and entertainers to take the stage and strut their stuff. And, of course, it’s a great way for audiences to discover new talent and hear something unique!

Tasting Events

For those who want to savour their drinks, tasting events can add a little sophisticated structure to your drinking while teaching you something new in the process. Common tastings include beer, wine, spirits like whisky and gin, or something a little more exotic like sake or mezcal.