Tips for Preparing your House for Sale

When it comes to selling your home, there’s plenty you can do to get a quicker sale for more money. Follow our tips below to improve your home’s sales prospects.

Clean up and Declutter

First things first, you need to tidy the place up. This doesn’t just mean sweeping and vacuuming floors and wiping down surfaces though. You should aim to give your home a thorough spring clean. This shows potential buyers your home has been well cared for and that they won’t be buying a dud.

As part of your cleaning, take the time to declutter your home too. A home that still feels like someone lives in it can be a difficult sell. Put knick-knacks, photos and personal items into storage.

Steam Clean or replace Carpets

Despite your best spring-cleaning efforts, chances are any carpet in your home will still be showing signs of wear and tear. You have two options to deal with this.

Firstly, you can get your carpets steamed clean. Steam cleaning provides a deeper clean than traditional vacuuming, so it can more effectively remove stains and unpleasant odours.

Alternatively, if your carpet has had its run, you can replace it. There are low-cost, durable and attractive carpets available that could look perfect in your home.

Either way, you want to make sure your home, including your carpets, looks tidy and clean, and ready for another family to use.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

No doubt you’ve heard that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders, and it’s true. Fresh paint can make a house feel brand new and make the space feel more inviting.

However, when picking a colour, choose neutral tones over brighter or darker colours. Neutral tones can make a space feel more open. Additionally, potential buyers may not like the same colours as you do, so they may not see the fresh paint job as favourably as you.

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Complete Minor Repairs or Renovations

While there are some renovations that can add value to your home, it’s not recommended to renovate your home in any major way right before selling. Rather, you should carry out any minor repairs and maintenance, especially cosmetic repairs. Visible maintenance issues, while they may not be a big deal, can be off-putting for potential buyers.

You want your home to be in the best possible condition when potential buyers come to look. Taking care of smaller jobs will help show that the house has been well maintained and instil confidence in buyers.

Have a pre-sale House Inspection

Once you’ve taken care of any repairs, organise a pre-sale property inspection with a registered builder. A house inspection will help to identify any structural or building code issues that might derail a sale. Issues could include wiring or plumbing problems, structural issues or moisture or damp problems.

Have your Home Professionally Staged

Staging your home is an important step many sellers overlook. Professional home staging is all about creating a neutral interior design concept for the home that highlights the property’s best features without being overwhelming.

Professional home stylists generally bring in furniture and decoration on a rental basis to furnish the property, creating an on-trend display home feeling that maximises the home’s potential without it looking personal or cluttered.

And while you can sell your home without a professional stager, or indeed any furniture in it, you’re more likely to get a quicker and bigger offer with a home stager’s help.

Keep on Top of Landscaping

While much of the sale preparation is focused on the interior of the property, you shouldn’t forget about the exterior. The front yard will be one of the first things potential buyers see as they approach the property. And as we all know: first impressions count.

Make sure the front yard is tidy and freshly landscaped. Neaten up and weed garden beds, make sure the lawn is freshly mown and cut back the larger trees or shrubs so they aren’t obscuring the house.

As you garden, remember that homes with lower maintenance gardens are more likely to sell. Not everyone has a green thumb, but everyone enjoys a nice garden. Find a happy medium with a verdant low-maintenance garden.

Consider Curb Appeal

And speaking of outside, remember to maximise your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the first impression many buyers will have of your home. They will first see it from the outside (or the curb) and make judgments from there.

To ensure those judgments are favourable, there are some tips you can follow. For starters, keep your lawn tidy and ensure your fence is in a good state. It can also be worthwhile repainting the exterior of your home and your fence too.

Selling your home can take time, but you can help things run smoothly by preparing your house. Take the time to clean it up and make it feel brand new with some quick and easy steps, like fresh paint and professional staging.

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