Tips for Hiring a Mobile Cool Room

Whether you’re catering for a big outdoor event or you have a big house party or wedding coming up, a mobile cool room is always a great idea.

With a mobile cool room, you’ll have enough space for all food and drink without having to overload your fridge. You won’t need to precariously stack your fridge, which means less damage to ingredients and less risk of spills. And you’ll never need to wait for drinks to cool down because there will always be enough room for all the beer!

So, if you have an event coming up and you’re thinking of hiring a mobile cool room, we have some hints and tips to ensure you get the best and safest performance from your fridge.

Where to locate the cool room

Mobile cool rooms are either mounted on trailers or the unit is delivered by truck. Either way, you need to ensure you have ample space to park. You’ll also want to make sure that the area is easily accessible by truck or trailer.

Ideally, you want flat ground that’s near a power source (if the unit is running off mains power). If you’re planning on storing the cool room in a shed or garage, make sure you have the full dimensions of the unit (including the height of the trailer) so you know it will fit inside.

You should also try to situate the cool room away from the main party area to reduce the risks of tripping and to keep people out of the cool room. If your mobile cool room is trailer mounted, always make sure the brake is on and wheels are chocked.


How will it be powered?

Mobile cool rooms tend to run on either standard 240 volt power or off a diesel or petrol generator. Connecting it to the mains power is simplest, providing you have nearby access to power. Make sure your extension cord is properly secured in a place where people won’t trip over it or accidentally unplug it.

If you don’t have access to power nearby, then you can run the cool room off a generator. Generators tend to be noisy and give off an exhaust smell, so you’ll want to make sure you locate the cool room away from the main event area. You’ll also want to make sure you keep the generator topped up with fuel so the fridge doesn’t turn off.


While mobile cool rooms aren’t dangerous, there are some safety precautions you need to take, especially at large events. Make sure the cool room is located in a well-lit area. If you need to access it at night, you don’t want to be feeling your way through the dark.

Limit access to the cool room to staff only. If it’s located in an area where guests can access it, you may want to consider using a lock for the door.

And as already mentioned, make sure the trailer brake is locked on and that the wheels are properly chocked to ensure the unit can’t move.

Properly stock the fridge

Properly stocking the unit will help it to operate at peak efficiency. If the unit is understocked, there will be a greater volume of space that it will have to work to keep cool. If it’s overstocked, there may not be adequate airflow to keep the unit at a consistent temperature throughout.

You should also make sure your stock is organised and easy to access. The more you have to open the door and the longer it takes you to find things, the harder the fridge will have to work. To minimise this, try to organise the stock in the order you will need it. For example, place the appetisers and canapes closest to the door, as you will need those first and leave the dessert ingredients at the back, as you’ll probably need those last.

Unload in bulk

Every time you visit the cool room, you’re making the fridge work harder, which will increase the running costs. Minimise visits to the fridge by unloading in bulk. Instead of taking out single bottles of wine or six-packs of beer as you need them, take them out case by case and store these in bar fridges.

For further information on safe cool room operations, you can visit Work Safe Victoria Website.

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