The Benefits of POS Display Stands

Point of sale (POS) display stands are the secret weapon of the retail industry, driving sales and increasing brand awareness in stores all around the world. POS displays are placed by your tills, encouraging customers to make additional purchases and giving your employees a chance to easily use upselling and suggestive selling to drive up your profits.

Whether they’re used to promote a new product, sell customers last-minute items or get rid of old stock, Point of sale display stands can increase your profit margins and help you target your customers like never before. Below, we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of POS display stands and how they can help your brands boost sales and maximise your space to the best of your ability.

Target impulse buyers

Encouraging your customers to make impulse purchases can do wonders for your business, increasing your items per receipt and your average transaction value. Well placed and designed POS displays work like in-store advertising, enticing customers to make last-minute purchases then and there that they hadn’t previously planned on.

If your customers are already making a purchase, they’ll be more likely to make additional ones as well. This is why POS displays are so effective, as customers will be tempted to pick up extra items while they wait in line.

Help merchandise your products

If you’re a brand that relies on retailers to sell your goods, then one of the biggest concerns you’ll have is your products not being merchandised properly. Your retailer might not have enough knowledge of your brand, or they might struggle to evenly balance out the promotion of all the stock that they carry.

By sending customised POS display stands along with your stock, you’re ensuring that your retailers will be able to prominently display your products and advertise your brand within their store. This makes things easier for both sides, taking the pressure off your retailer and helping you make sure your products are getting the spotlight they deserve.

Catch your customer’s eye

Most customers walk into a store looking for something specific, so it’s important that you’re able to catch their attention and attract them to your product, even if it’s not what they were looking for. More often than not, the packaging alone is not enough to do this, no matter how bright or bold it may be.

With POS display stands, you can create large, loud displays that stand out from the crowd and demand your customer’s attention. A well-designed POS display will instantly make an impression, conveying who you are as a brand and what customers can expect from your products.

Completely customisable

Another huge advantage of POS displays is that they are completely customisable, giving you the freedom to represent your brand however you see fit. From the graphic design options to the size and shape of the display, there’s an incredible versatility that comes with this much freedom.

Whether you want to attract customers to a new product or keep your top sellers on display, the options are endless. You can even create an interactive display through the use of QR codes, encouraging customers to find out more about your brand and engage with your social media or any promotions you’re currently running.


While digital media marketing such as targeted ads and paid sponsorships are effective, POS display stands offer a more affordable means of getting your product out there. In a way, they work as billboards or magazine advertisements, just without their astronomical costs.

This is especially true if you don’t have your own store, and work with retailers who sell your products. For the returns that they can get you, POS retail displays are cost-effective ways of targeting your audience and getting immediate, impressive results.

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Mike Hetrel

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