The Benefits of Mounting Your TV

With TVs getting bigger, thinner and more affordable with each passing year, more and more of us are treating ourselves to home entertainment systems that rival movie theatres. Whether it’s 4K super HD quality, surround sound or the latest gaming system, our living rooms have never been more high-tech than they are now.

While most of us have our flatscreens sitting on a table or stand, there are more benefits than you might think to mounting your TV. While it can be easy to feel intimidated by the installation process, don’t let that scare you away. TV wall mounts can totally transform your living room for the better, and here are the reasons why.

Reduce glare

Selecting a wall mount with both side-to-side and tilting means that you can adjust it as the day progresses, helping you place it in the optimal position to avoid glare from your lights and windows.

This also means that if you have an open-plan living room with the kitchen, living room and dining area all in one shared space, you can watch your TV from other rooms while you’re preparing food in the kitchen or using the dining table. Also, if you’re placing your TV above the average eye level (around 106 centimetres), you’ll want a TV that you can tilt down to achieve the best viewing experience and picture quality.

Aesthetically pleasing

Mounting your TV to the wall can bring a huge aesthetic boost to your living room, giving it a modern, sleek appearance that’s sure to impress. If you’re worried about cable clutter, there are plenty of ways you can combat this.

One option is to plug everything into a receiver and then connect that single cable to your TV. Even better, you could use a wireless HDMI kit that’s then mounted behind the TV. This transmits a signal from your HD gear to a receiver that’s attached to your TV’s HDMI input.

Saves space

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One of the most obvious benefits of a mounted TV is the space that it saves by cutting out the need for a TV cabinet. The bigger your TV, the bigger the cabinet you’ll need, so as our TVs are getting bigger so is the space taken up by their dedicated cabinets.

This is why TV mounts are especially useful in smaller living areas or in bedrooms, where space is limited and needs to be utilised as best as possible.

Easy to install

As we mentioned earlier, many people avoid mounting their TV due to uncertainty surrounding the installation process. The truth is that the process is relatively quick, simple and easy, as long as the instructions are followed carefully and you’ve made sure that your wall is able to support your chosen TV.

If your wall is plaster, you’ll need to mount the bracket on a solid fixing. This means locating a stud or solid timber in the wall, or else your TV will probably end up on the floor. If your wall is brick it’ll have the strength to support your TV, but it does make it harder to run the cables through the wall. However as discussed above, there are many ways you can reduce the number of cables connected to your TV. We recommend using professional mounting services to ensure your safety and eliminate the risk of any damage being caused.


Pets, young kids and tipsy house guests can all increase the risk of a TV tip-over, potentially injuring themselves and damaging your TV in the process. Mourning your TV to the wall helps you eliminate your risk, keeping everyone in your household safe, your TV protected and giving you unbeatable peace of mind.

They’re affordable

Another plus of TV mounts is their price. While a nice entertainment unit can set you back hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, high-quality TV mounts are generally less than $100. What you do with this money you save is up to you, but we think it’s a great way to allocate some extra funds to your TV model or surround sound system.

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