The Benefits of Glass Balustrades

 The Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are an incredibly versatile balustrade or fencing option. Whether you’re looking for swimming pool fencing or the perfect balcony railing system, it’s worth considering glass balustrades. They offer a range of benefits over other fencing styles. So, let’s have a look at what makes them such a good choice around the home.

  • They create a sense of space

Like mirrors and large windows, you can use glass fencing to create a sense of space in a small home. As you can see through the glass, your eye doesn’t register a barrier in the same way it would if you chose another material. This means that areas like balconies don’t feel as closed in.

  • They don’t obstruct views

Unlike other types of fencing and railing systems, glass balustrades don’t obstruct the view. This makes them perfect for areas like balconies, where you want to keep the view as open as possible. They’re also ideal for swimming pool fencing as they don’t obstruct the view across the pool, which is good for both aesthetic reasons and safety reasons.

  • They let light in

A glass balustrade system will let in the maximum amount of natural light. This allows you to get maximum usage out of your outdoor area. For indoor spaces, natural light is great for adding a sense of space and vibrancy to living areas.

For the design-minded, glass also doesn’t cast unappealing shadows like wood or metal either.

  • They are durable and safe

Quality balustrade systems are made from toughened safety glass, which is incredibly difficult to break. Combined with the stainless steel fixing systems, you can expect glass balustrades to last much longer than timber or aluminium fencing.

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It is also a safe option. If the safety glass breaks, which is extremely unlikely, it shatters into large, blunt pieces not shards. It also doesn’t heat up in the sun like metal fencing.

  • They are easy to clean and maintain

Glass is extremely low maintenance. Unlike metal fencing, it won’t corrode and you don’t have to deal with peeling paint. It doesn’t require sanding, staining or painting, like timber and won’t warp, split or crack. All it requires is an occasional clean with soapy water.

  • They complement modern-style homes

A glass balcony or bannister seamlessly fits with many modern-styled homes. The sleek, frameless design suits a range of styles from modern to industrial chic. If your home is styled in blacks, whites and creams, glass is the perfect accompaniment.

  • They complement other building materials

In addition to being a great choice for modern-style homes, glass also works well with a variety of other materials. It can be a way to modernise a traditional red-brick building or wooden staircase.

  • They can make your home safer

As many glass barriers either only have small gaps or no gaps at all, they are also a safer choice for your home. Other fencing or railing systems can be a risk to young and inquisitive children; they may be tempted to stick fingers, hands and even heads through gaps. You can avoid this danger by choosing glass.

Glass balustrades can be incorporated just about anywhere inside and outside your home. These are just some of the areas they are ideal for.

  • Staircases

A glass banister is a modern take on the traditional wooden banister. Glass pairs well with a floating staircase to create a sense of minimalism.

  • Balconies

Glass has become a popular way to safely fence balconies without obstructing the view. This can help make your balcony feel larger too.

  • Pool fencing

Modern pool fences are often made from glass. As with balconies, glass doesn’t obstruct the view. They can also be more attractive and safer than traditional fencing options. You can also easily supervise young children through the glass as they swim.

There’s a lot to love about glass bannisters and fencing, but it really boils down to that they look great while keeping your family safe.

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