The Advantages of a Custom Wardrobe

Does your wardrobe always seem messy no matter how much time you spend tidying it up? At some point, you’ve probably wondered if you need to sell some of your stuff in order to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy.

But what if the problem is not with the amount of stuff that you have? What if the wardrobe itself is the root of your organisational problems?

In this blog, we’re going to discuss how a custom wardrobe can help you store your possessions in an efficient and aesthetic manner. We’ll also talk about how custom wardrobes can be used for other purposes other than storage.

Designed for you

Everyone has their own sense of style. Some people like buying a lot of shoes, while others are content with just having a few good shirts to choose from. Because of different stylistic tastes, everyone’s ideal wardrobe will vary from person to person. For example, someone who has a lot of shoes might have a hard time storing their stuff in a small, conventional wardrobe.

Luckily, with a custom wardrobe, you’ll be able to design your storage space in whatever way that suits your style. Need a larger space for all your coats? You can get a custom wardrobe with an extended clothing rail. Do you like your jewellery a lot? You can custom make a wardrobe with plenty of drawer space. Each part of your custom wardrobe will be specifically made for your stuff and your stuff only.

Additionally, with a custom wardrobe, you can easily match your home decor by choosing the finish and the materials yourself.

Efficient use of space

With custom wardrobes, you’ll be able to use every centimetre of your living space. For instance, if you want a wardrobe that spans your bedroom wall, the designers can take the dimensions of your room and create a product that fits your wall perfectly. If you have the space for it, the builders can even create a walk-in closet for you. This allows you to use your bedroom space for other things like an entertainment centre or display cabinets. This efficient use of space maximises your living area.

A custom wardrobe can also be used as a dividing wall. This is perfect for those who live with a housemate in a smaller living space. It gives you and your housemate some privacy while also giving you a space to store your essentials.

Store more than just clothes

Custom Luxury Wardrobes

Bulky and awkwardly shaped items can be a real nuisance to store. The things that come to mind might be ironing boards, mattresses, vacuums and foldable drying racks. Most of these are simply too big to store in a regular wardrobe. When you are able to fit them in, they tend to take up too much space, which then limits the storage that you have for your clothes.

With a custom wardrobe, however, you can create a storage space that’s specifically designed to fit these items. This way, you’ll be able to keep the bulky items out of sight when not in use. This will give your living space a cleaner look and reduce the amount of visible clutter you have around your home.

Some people even have a wall bed integrated into their wardrobe. When not in use, a wall bed can be folded into the wall, giving you more living space to work with during the day.

Longer lifespan

Unlike mass-produced furnishings, you’ll be able to choose the materials that your custom wardrobe is made out of. Most custom manufacturers will offer a range of premium materials from natural timber to coated aluminium.

This ultimately means your wardrobe will be of a higher quality than most pre-made wardrobes. It will be able to endure everyday wear and tear and last you for many years to come.

Improves your home’s marketability

Lastly, custom wardrobes can increase the desirability of your home. The efficient use of space and the high-quality materials will surely catch the eye of many potential buyers. If your custom wardrobe is modifiable and upgradable, it will make your property that much more appealing.

A custom wardrobe is more than just storage space. It can also be a personal statement, a decorative piece that completes the aesthetic and feel of your bedroom.

If you think a custom wardrobe is the storage solution you’ve been looking for, contact your local designers and builders today. They should be able to provide you with quotes, a timeframe, and advice on design choices.

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