Redesigning Your Home’s Interior with Decadent Details

One thing that we’ve all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of having a safe and comfortable home.

With no choice but to spend much of the past year in the confines of our homes, much of the population has been forced to confront the perks and pitfalls of their personal spaces.

Whether this has been focusing on the choice of the colour scheme throughout the house, the de-cluttering of shared spaces, or embarking upon a thorough deep-clean in each and every room, it seems that many households have been seeking some form of change in their habitual landscape.

With shops open again, DIY enthusiasts can finally view the items that they want to buy and are probably feeling galvanised to start redesigning their homes.

While hiring a professional might seem like an easy option, if you’re bored and want to create a truly unique space, then you could consider doing the work yourself.

To complement this shift towards home improvement, we have collated a selection of stunning interior alterations you can make to elevate the feel of decadence and sophistication in your home!

Build a Bar

Almost a year of lockdown has meant that many people have had to entertain themselves at home due to the closure of many venues – including pubs, clubs, and restaurants. As a result, many have resorted to drinking alcohol from home and, when allowed, hosting parties in their back garden.

Building your own home bar is a perfect way of creating that feeling of being ‘out’ while in the comfort of your own home and means that you may very well be party-central for your friends! If you want to create something out-of-the-ordinary that is both stylish and practical – indoors or outdoors – Easy Solutions’ charred timber cladding is a perfect place to start. Specialists in providing and caring for Shou Sugi Ban charred timber, there are various options for your charred timber cladding, including Larch, Douglas Fir, and Cedar, among others – all of which are suitable for either indoor or outdoor cladding.

Add Kooky Cooking Spaces

Lockdown witnessed many people attempting to improve their cooking and baking skills, with thousands using up flour supplies to create banana bread, cookies, and sourdough, to name just a few items, while also creating their own versions of takeaway specials to reduce their spending yet still provide a family treat.

Those who have become aficionados of the cooking and baking trend may want to consider redesigning their kitchen spaces or adding to them. Attempting to perfect your pizza-making skills? Why not invest in or create a wood-fired pizza oven? Or section off an area to turn into a baking area, complete with proper proving drawers and specialised baking equipment? You could even include a rotisserie-style addition to the room that would allow you to cook meat with that all-important, mouth-watering charred flavour! Enhancing your kitchen will make cooking less of a chore and more of a pleasure, as well as improving your home.

Choose Funky Furnishings

If you’re not too DIY-savvy, then you might want to consider buying funky furnishings, such as quirky rugs, innovative storage solutions and pretty pieces of artwork. With the entire internet at your fingertips, it shouldn’t be too challenging to find the unique solutions that will enrich your home and make it look and feel much more cosy and in line with your personal sense of style.

When buying new furnishings for your home, you should make sure that you don’t overfill your rooms. Instead, consider opting for a ‘one in, one out policy so that your home doesn’t become too full of clutter.

Create A Sophisticated Study

With working from home seemingly here to stay, those whose future work commute literally means moving from the bedroom to their workspace might want to consider creating a dedicated space from which to work. After all, you can’t work from your kitchen table or bed forever! A dedicated workspace will help you to improve your working life and be more productive.

Therefore, you need to create a space that will enable you to work productively. A sophisticated study-cum-home-office would be perfect for this purpose. You could consider using an existing room in your home and repurposing it, such as a cupboard or spare bedroom. Alternatively, you could extend your property to accommodate your ideal study space. Once you’ve chosen a particular room or space, you will then need to consider what furniture and equipment you will need, and how you can design a room that is both calming and conducive to a work-focused attitude. Plenty of greenery and room diffusers can set a relaxing tone, whilst ergonomic furniture can ensure ultimate comfort.

Add A Signature Wall

Signature walls are an incredibly easy way to enhance the look and feel of any room in your home. It’s also easy to create your signature wall yourself, so you can quickly and easily transform your property and feel reinvigorating without having to learn a lot of new skills or purchase many expensive pieces of equipment.

All you will need is a pot of paint or some quirky wallpaper to decorate your wall. As you are painting or papering one wall in your room, you could consider doing the same to the other walls in the room. This approach will allow you to refresh all of the walls or change their colour completely. Choose the right colour combination for your signature wall to enrich your room and make it look and feel perfect.

Whether you desire a dedicated dressing room – complete with flattering lighting, full-length mirrors, and plenty of wardrobe space – or a peaceful bathroom where you can relax amongst candles while reading a book, there are so many relatively small changes you can make to make your home feel more chic and grown-up. Use this article to get inspired and start your journey towards your dream home design.

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