Picking the Right Commercial Flooring

In a commercial space like an office or retail store the choice of flooring can have a huge impact. It can affect a range of factors including safety, atmosphere, aesthetics, hygiene and more.

There are plenty of different types of flooring suitable for commercial spaces like offices, retail stores and hospitality venues. So, let’s have a look at a few of the major options and their pros and cons.


Broadloom carpeting is sold in rolls and generally installed as wall to wall carpeting. It’s most commonly used as residential carpeting, but can also be used in commercial applications.

When it comes to commercial use, traditional carpeting has a number of downsides. It can be costly and wasteful. Since it’s sold in standard sized rolls, it must be cut to fit the floor space, which creates a lot of waste and means you’re paying for more carpet than you need.

In high-traffic commercial spaces, carpeting requires regular steam cleaning to keep it hygienic and looking great.

Carpeting is generally not the best choice for cafes or restaurants where there is large amounts of food and drink moving around, as it is difficult to clean and doesn’t handle moisture very well.

It can also be difficult to repair if it’s damaged, since you can’t simply remove and replace the damaged section.

However, for small, boutique retail spaces, carpeting can create a luxurious atmosphere and a sense of style. It’s also great for absorbing noise, making it an excellent choice for high-end office space.

Carpet tiles

Commercial Carpet Tiles Melbourne

Commercial carpet tiles offer a range of benefits when it comes to commercial flooring. They are cheap and easy to install and require little maintenance. They are also incredibly easy to repair. Unlike most other types of flooring, damaged or stained carpet tiles can simply be removed and replaced. This makes them great for high-traffic office and retail areas.

Carpet tiles also offer much better design flexibility than broadloom carpeting. You can mix and match different coloured and styled tiles to create patterns that match your business brand or aesthetic.

High-quality commercial carpet tiles can also have a multi-layer construction and cushioned backing, making them great for absorbing sound and comfortable to walk on.

The downsides of carpet tiles include visible seams and questionable durability for the lower end brands.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring Melbourne

When it comes to design aesthetics, few materials can beat high-quality hardwood flooring. Premium quality timber looks amazing and creates a high-end style that you can’t get from any other product. Hardwood flooring can be a great choice for high-end retail, cafes or restaurants.

Unlike carpeting or carpet tiles, timber flooring is much easier to clean, especially when it comes to cleaning spills, as there are no carpet fibres for the liquid to soak into.

However, premium hardwood flooring can be extremely expensive and can require costly and time-consuming maintenance to keep it looking great. It will also wear down in high foot traffic areas and can create a lot of echo.

Timber laminate or engineered timber flooring


If you’re looking for alternatives to hardwood timber flooring, you might want to consider either timber laminate or engineered timber flooring.

Timber laminate is made from several layers of thinly cut pieces of glued-together wood covered with an artificial wood grain image and a layer of plastic laminate. Timber laminate looks like real wood while having a much lower price point.

However, due to its method of manufacture, timber laminate flooring isn’t nearly as durable as hardwood flooring. It can also be susceptible to moisture damage and warping and buckling, especially in high-traffic areas.

Engineered timber flooring is made from several layers of plywood that are bonded together and topped with a layer of real hardwood. This layer of real timber means it looks more like hardwood flooring than laminate flooring. It’s also more durable and more resistant to moisture than timber laminate.

However, engineered timber still requires high levels of maintenance to keep the hardwood layer looking great.

Vinyl tiles flooring

Commercial Vinyl Floor Layers Melbourne

Vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile, durable and affordable. It’s available in a range of tiles including plain vinyl composite tiles and luxury vinyl tiles. Plain composite tiles are often used in hospitals, schools and other high-traffic areas where aesthetics aren’t a primary consideration. Luxury vinyl, on the other hand, is available in a range of designs including timber and natural stone finishes. Vinyl flooring is tough, long-lasting and easy to clean. It also has much better acoustics than any type of timber flooring.

On the downside, it can be difficult to create a really stylish aesthetic with vinyl flooring, especially with vinyl composite tiles. Cheaper vinyl flooring can also require regular polishing and waxing to ensure a protective surface, so maintenance can be a hassle for some lower end vinyl products.

At the end of the day, you need to think about what is most important for your business. If style and aesthetics are central to your brand image, for a restaurant or high-end retail boutique for example, you may want to go for hardwood timber or even carpeting. If you need something low maintenance, but comfortable to walk on, then commercial carpet tiles might be the way to go. Consider what is most important to your business, your customers and your staff before you start shopping.

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