Part-time Jobs That You Do as a University Student

As a uni student, it can be hard to balance your social and academic life, and it’s almost impossible to get enough sleep. On top of all of that, a lot of university students also need to find a way to financially support themselves.

As a busy but ambitious student, what do you do? Do you look for junior teaching jobs in your university? Do you get a job at the bookshop near campus? How can you support yourself while also making sure that everything else gets done?

In this blog, we’re going to try to help you get some extra cash while you’re studying. Here are five part-time jobs that are perfect for university students.

  1. Tutor

For most university students, becoming a tutor in a subject that’s related to their major is a logical move. It gives them the opportunity to share the knowledge that they’ve gained, and it also gives them the chance to reinforce what they’ve learned. As they say, you remember 90% of what you teach. If you want to get a job in education, tutoring is a great way to get some teaching experience under your belt.

In most cases, tutoring jobs are pretty flexible. This means you can easily fit it in your busy personal and academic schedule. Once you have a student, you’ll be able to set up a time and date with them and arrange a convenient place to meet up.

You can choose to advertise yourself as a private tutor or join an agency that can find students for you. In an agency, they will generally offer you students and you get to decide whether you can take them on. Since most tutors are university students, agencies generally give you the option to pause your intake of students if your schedule ever gets too busy.

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  1. Freelancer

Freelance work is common among creative students. To get some extra cash, a lot of artists, writers and photographers take commissions during their studies. Nowadays, most creatives advertise their work through social media and other online channels. Popular sites for creatives include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. There are even sites out there that cater to specific disciplines. For example, ArtStation and DeviantArt are great sites for visual artists to advertise their services. You can also do freelance work in video editing, programming, translating or marketing.

The great part about freelance work is that you choose to open and close your intake of commission whenever you want. So, if you yourself get a little too overwhelmed with the university, you can stop taking commissions and focus on your studies.

Freelance work is also a great way to gain some experience as a creative student. You may even use some of your freelance work for your portfolio so that you can get a job later down the line.

  1. Barista

A lot of students need their morning coffee before they start the day. Because of this, you’ll likely find that there’s no shortage of cafes in university towns. So, if you’re looking for a part-time job that’s not too far from campus, try seeing if you can land a barista role in one of the nearby coffee shops.

If you’re really into your coffee, learning how to serve espresso-based drinks might be of great interest to you. In Melbourne, there are plenty of accredited barista courses that take around five hours to complete. This will help you learn the craft and prepare you to work as a barista at a busy coffee house.

  1. Driver

If you don’t like being stuck in one place during your job, consider driving for a ride share app. As a driver, you can set your own schedule and choose routes that are convenient for you. You can even take breaks whenever you want to.
Since you don’t get paid by the minute, part of being a good driver is being as efficient as possible. So, if you know your way around your town and know how to avoid traffic, you might be able to get some good money through rideshare apps.

Additionally, you can meet a lot of cool people (albeit temporarily) during the job. You’ll hear a lot of interesting stories and even be part of some of them.

  1. Babysitter

If you like working with kids, babysitting might be for you. When the parents are away from home, either because they have to work or because they want to take time for themselves, you have the opportunity to step in and look after their child. If you’re lucky, you might even get a well-behaved kid who doesn’t need too much babysitting. This will give you time to relax or do some studying. Also, if you’re looking to work in early childhood education in the future, babysitting can give you practical experience working with children.

If working with children doesn’t sit right with you, don’t worry. Nowadays, there are also house sitting and pet sitting jobs. As a house sitter, you will be looking after someone’s property and pets while they’re away. It’s a relatively stressless job that a university student can definitely benefit from.

There are plenty of other jobs that you can take on as a university student. Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas of what kind of part-time job you want to have while you’re working towards that diploma.

It’s important to think about your scheduling, the type of work you’re going to be doing and, in some cases, the amount of money you’ll be making. You wouldn’t want to work crazy hours and not get paid what you deserve.

Through online sites, it’s never been easier to find job opportunities as a student. Use these resources as much as you can, and you’ll eventually find something that’s right for you.

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