Nothing Promotes Your Business Like Personalised Lanyards

Lanyards are everywhere, from offices to conferences, schools and hospitals. These tools don’t just help to keep a name tag close and easy to use, they are useful for a wide range of activities. These range from the workplace, to schools, concerts, lectures and beyond. The perfect networking and branding tool, you can attach keys, name badges, keys, fobs and meeting agendas and more to brightly coloured lanyards to market your brand.

To stand out effectively, you can make your brand stand out with a custom lanyard. Lanyards are often needed for identification, but people often overlook their effectiveness. The best thing about lanyards is that they have social and practical uses in everyday occasions and special events, and can be used for advertising or identification, or better, both.

Custom lanyards can help you uniquely market your brand in a way that has people actually using them. They can add a sense of identity to work functions, trade shows and conferences. When people are flowing through an event venue, lanyards are an easy way to keep track of their credentials. If you add a convention name, sponsor logo or even your business log, it’s even more valuable.

The Benefits: Promotion, Business Use and Convention Gifting

When designed well, promotional lanyards have a simple design that can fit a business name, logo and website. They easily grab the attention of the people around the wearer and can introduce them to their colleagues. When many organisations are at an event, a lanyard is a great way for people to recognise members from each organisation.

Promotional lanyards are great ways to introduce a company to prospective clients and event attendees. During these events trade show organisers can use neck wallets to stash business cards to give away, or even hold. QR code to identify the brands website without the need for paper.

In addition to its practical uses, lanyards make for great convention swag. Giving gifts is a great way to get into the hearts and minds of consumers, and people love freebies, your lanyards will reach new audiences via this method.

Importantly, lanyards are most used for identification. So, as you come to security checkpoints at events or at your workplace a key fob or physical key on your lanyard is smart, but an employee tag is even more effective to identify who belongs and who doesn’t. Then, as employees wander around, they also promote your business.

The most important aspect of lanyards isn’t how visible they are, how simple they are to hand out, or how they are a walking billboard, it’s the affordability of it all. Lanyards cost very little per lanyard, and when made in bulk, you can order once, and use them for years and years to come. There are many materials to choose from, and it’s easy to find something durable that suits you and your brand well.

How To Design and Make Great Lanyards

Lanyards are essentially simple and efficient advertising. As they are often worn around the neck, or even looped around belt loops, they remain accessible. Thus, they make a fantastic advertising opportunity. Whether you want to give them away at trade shows and conventions, they are ideal because they are well made and can include your business name and logo. Promotional lanyards can help customers remember your company, and you can establish a very positive brand image. With all this in mind, here is how you should make your lanyard.

Try to consider three important facts when designing lanyards:

  1. Who is wearing it?
  2. Who will see it?
  3. Where will it be worn?

For example, providing a lanyard during a conference or convention will make sure that there’s a high possibility that it will be carried around outside the event itself. Then, in another example, lanyards that are part of a uniform are constantly around a person’s neck for identification, and will be seen when employees walk around, go to lunch or chat to customers. The most important thing to remember here is, that when you give someone a lanyard, the message included on it goes wherever the recipient does, so choose well.

Lanyards can work with any dress code. Professionals can wear them with their suit, dress shirts or blouses without seeming undone. Lanyards additionally allow people to carry their identification or credentials within reach for easy accessibility, and when everyone wears a lanyard in a business, it creates a sense of unity within a workplace. With this in mind, if you are a high-end business, better made lanyards are a good choice to match your brand, if your business is primary education, then your lanyards can be more playful to suit the mood.

Considering how important lanyards are for networking, they should also be well designed. They quickly identify someone, not just with a name badge, but with the company name and logo printed in plain sight. If you design your lanyards well, employees and those who receive them for free at conventions won’t want to take them off. Essentially providing your company with a free, wide reaching walking advertisement.

The last thing to remember is that your lanyards should always be consistent. If each lanyard looks different and says something different, or your logo looks different in each one, it results in dissonance, where people are confused about who you are. Instead, remain consistent when customising and ordering your lanyards.

A Final Word

For everything from security needs to identification for employees, lanyards are an essential tool for every business, regardless of size. There are boundless ways to use them for your company, from easy registration, to entry management for an event, to carrying student cards or keys. Using these to carry ID can even make employees feel safe at the office, and the list goes on.

When you think about it, teachers wear lanyards in schools, so students know where to go, retail workers wear lanyards with the company name or logo so customers know who to ask for help. This additionally avoids embarrassment from mistaking a fellow shopper for an employee and allows customers a better user experience, or students are made safer knowing who they are talking to is a teacher, and not a stranger. Additionally, cashiers and clerks should wear lanyards so customers know they are giving their money to an employee. Then beyond this is the commercial strategy to increase brand recognition overall.

When it comes to event lanyards, you can have visitors in one lanyard, and employees in another. Each different sector of your business can have different colours with the same logo, marketing in one colour, writers in another.

Overall, customised lanyards are a cheap investment that provides endless brand exposure and are a smart marketing tool.

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