Is it Worth Having a Home Security System?

A home security system can provide peace of mind and comfort for some homeowners. Others may consider it an unnecessary expense, preferring to secure their home with traditional methods such as deadbolts and fortified doors.

Now, more than ever, security seems to be of paramount importance. But it isn’t enough to simply follow safe practices when outside the home. The question becomes whether we are safe in our own homes and whether our families are protected.

There is more and more importance being placed on home security. What that means varies depending on the person. It might simply mean locking one’s doors. It might mean having a comprehensive home security system. The reality is that what is necessary falls somewhere in between.

Thanks to technology, home security systems have become easier than ever to implement. Homeowners can get as simple or comprehensive as they want with their DIY home security systems, which allows for greater customisation than ever.

But is it worth the cost to have one? Here is what you need to know about home security systems, and what they can do for you.

What Does a Home Security System Do?

Before we can determine whether or not they are worth the cost, we need to know what a home security system does. Depending on the nature of the system, they can do very different things and serve very different purposes.

For the most part, we think of home security systems as deterring burglars and other intruders. But most modern security systems can do so much more. They can keep you linked to your home no matter where you are or what time it is.

A home security system can let you know when doors are opened or closed. It can tell you if there have been attempts to access sensitive areas such as safes or vaults. You may come to find that there are hidden benefits to take advantage of. With homeowners or renters’ insurance, there may be discounts available to those who have home security systems.

What About the Equipment?

Home security system costs will typically range from $250 to well over $1,000 depending on the type of system, installation, and equipment chosen.

The good news is that most of these are one-time costs, so you will own the equipment and won’t have to keep making payments on it. When the system is installed and fully operational, however, there may be other fees to keep in mind.

It is important to note that the consumer has a lot of control over what those costs will be. Security packages can vary depending on the features, services, and level of monitoring that are chosen. The most basic plans out there from a reputable security monitoring company can cost as little as $20 per month or even less.

Depending on what you can afford, there are comprehensive packages out there for greater needs. That may include around-the-clock monitoring or even security patrols. Just know that the costs will go up for these additional services.

Protecting Valuables

Most of us have items of high value, whether that is monetary value or sentimental value. It might be artwork, family heirlooms, or pieces that simply mean a lot. Often these items are extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, to recover from loss.

Having a home security system, or a safe deposit box, is a good way to protect those valuables. But that means paying for the item or service. If your items are easily accessible, then it might make sense to implement a home security system rather than locking them up.

You may also want to speak to your insurance company. Most items within the home can be insured. While it is never ideal to have those items stolen or damaged, having an extra layer of protection can offer at least some solace. After all, it is better than losing the items altogether.

Is it Worth it?

So, the important question then becomes whether the investment in a home security system is actually worth it. After all, they can become rather expensive and you want to make sure that the money isn’t being wasted.

The first place to start when determining whether or not it is worth it is to ask yourself what is required to make the system worth it. Alarm systems can definitely help to deter potential intruders and can even increase the chances that a burglar is caught should your home be broken into.

There have been studies that show that convicted burglars will be far less likely to attempt to break into a home if they knew that there was a reliable, cutting-edge security system in place. That alone is enough to provide peace of mind throughout the process.

If the goal is to keep burglars away, then a security system can definitely make a difference. The thing about most of these security companies is that there are savings when bundles are added. Maybe that includes carbon monoxide, a smoke alarm, or even remote home automation services. These prevent loss of property and life while also helping to manage energy costs more effectively.

But a security system is much like an insurance policy. It is far from a guarantee that the full extent of that policy (or security system) will ever be used. So, before you make a choice, it is important to know what your goals are for security and weigh those against the costs of the security system.

On the whole, having some sort of security measure in place is recommended. Even if it acts as a simple deterrent, it is better than doing nothing at all. Besides, there are typically discounts to be enjoyed from implementing a home security system as well. When in doubt, simply contact your local security professionals for more information and they will be more than happy to assist you with any of your queries and concerns.

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