How to Prevent Minor Car Scratches

Scratches can take the spotlight away from the smooth finish of your vehicle. Even a small mark can throw off the entire look of your car. Even worse, if the scratch is deep enough, a coat of paint might not be enough to fix it. For some scratches, you’ll have to go in for smash repairs or car detailing to them sorted.

To make sure your exterior remains flawless, here’s a short guide on how to prevent minor car scratches.

Wash your Car Properly

You might not realise it, but some scratches occur when you’re washing your car. If you use improper methods of cleaning, your exterior can end up with swirls, scuff marks and light scratches.

To prevent this, it’s best to avoid the car wash and hand wash your car.

Start by hosing down your car. You can do this with a regular hose or an appropriate pressure washer. For the best results, make sure you wipe the exterior off with something soft like a microfiber wash glove. Avoid abrasive cleaners as much as possible. Harshly scrubbing the dirt on your exterior can grind it deeper into the finish, making it harder to remove.

Keep in mind that, on black finishes, even the lightest mark can be visible. In this case, it’s best to use methods that don’t exert a harsh force on the surface.

If you’re worried about damaging your car, it’s a good idea to book a detailing service. Professional car detailers will do an extensive clean of your vehicle all while avoiding scratches and marks.

Drive Carefully

Careless driving is perhaps the most common cause of scratches. When you’re driving, make sure you’re not too close to things that might damage your exterior. This includes kerbs, plants, trees, road markers and other motorists.

If you have hanging branches or overgrown bushes on your driveway, make sure to trim them. These things can cause significant damage to your car’s finish if you’re not careful.

Following safe driving principles also helps prevent mishaps. Don’t drive when you’re feeling tired or if you’re experiencing an illness that impairs your senses. Always pay attention to what’s on the road and follow the road rules. If you’re late for work, you might be tempted to cut corners here and there. However, doing this can leave you and your car with more than just a scratch.

Park Carefully

Unfortunately, your car can get damaged even when you’re not driving. When you’re choosing a parking spot, make sure you’re not too close to the neighbouring vehicles. If you don’t leave enough space, your exterior can get damaged when the adjacent car pulls away or when the driver opens the vehicle doors.

Additionally, it’s best to avoid spots that are near high-traffic areas. This might be near building entrances, shopping cart bays, parking lot exits and kerbs. The mixture of passing cars, pedestrians and grocery carts only increases the chances of your car getting damaged.

It’s generally a good idea to park under trees. It helps protect your car from heat and excessive exposure to UV rays. That being said, you should avoid parking in areas where sweetgums and leaves can fall on your car. If you park your car in such an area for long enough, you can be left with a whole bunch of little scratches and marks.

Wax and Polish your Car

Wax does more than just make your car look shiny. Wax coating also protects the finish from light scratches, water damage and UV rays. It acts as a protective layer and prevents dirt from getting grinded into the finish.

This protective quality is particularly important if you often go to public car washes. These facilities often have cleaning tools that are not so clean themselves. If you’re not careful, it can create scuff marks and stains on your paint job. With a proper wax coating, however, this type of damage can be mitigated.

For the best results, make sure you consult the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. This will tell when and how often you should wax your exterior. Additionally, make sure you’re using the right type of wax. For cars with a black paint job, there are wax products specifically made for darker finishes.

Follow these tips and you should be able to keep your exterior in good condition. Of course, no amount of caution will prevent accidents from happening. If your car’s finish does end up being damaged, make sure to visit your car detailer or smash repairer. Getting a professional to fix the issues will ensure that the job is done properly and that no problem occurs in the future.

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