How to Prepare for Your Driving Test

Taking your driving test can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. While there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll pass, there are ways you can prepare yourself and go into the test as confidently as possible. Following these guidelines will give you the best chance of passing your test and acquiring your probationary licence.

Practise with a driving instructor

The key factor in preparing for your test is taking driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor. While our parents or older siblings may be great drivers, they do not have the expertise and in-depth understanding of the driving test and road rules that a professional will have.

Driving instructors will provide you with better insight into any problem areas you may have and how to improve them. They will also be able to tell when you are ready to drive on your own and take your test. Every city should have a number of affordable driving schools, so do your research and find one that’s right for you.

Drive in different conditions

A common mistake made among learners is that they don’t practise in different conditions. Driving on freeways, at nighttime and during wet weather will mean that you are prepared for whatever the test day may throw at you.

Wet weather conditions can be some of the most difficult to drive in. They require an even higher level of care and alertness than driving in regular weather. Even if your driving test takes place on a dry day, practising in the rain will ensure that you are as prepared as possible for the responsibility of having your Ps.

Your logbook requires that learners under 21 must have a minimum of 20 hours supervised night driving before you are allowed to take the test.

Know how your car works

As part of your car control assessment, you may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of the various controls, devices and instruments of the car. While this shouldn’t be an issue for anyone who is genuinely ready for their test, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and have a mental blank.

This could suggest to the examiner that you’re not ready for your probationary licence, so spend some time before your lesson re-familiarising yourself with your car and its controls.

Be familiar with the test route

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One of the most effective ways to prepare for your driving test is to familiarise yourself with the test route you’ll be taking. This way there’ll be no nasty surprises during the test and you’ll know exactly what you’re in for.

Most driving schools will offer this service, providing you with an instructor who has extensive knowledge of the route. They will be able to do everything in their power to help you pass your test and let you know of any problem areas and things to look out for with the particular route.

Know what you’ll be tested on

Your driving test will be more than just driving from point A to point B. Your examiner will require you to perform the often challenging tasks of parallel parking and 3 point turns. You’ll also be asked to turn at different types of intersections, merge into traffic, and change lanes among other things.

Again, the best way to prepare for this is to take lessons with a qualified instructor, especially along the route you’ll be tested on.

Be aware of the examiner’s expectations

Your examiner will use official terminology throughout the test to assess your driving capabilities. Make sure you’re familiar with these terms and what they mean and can perform them with ease.

Also, be aware of the mistakes the examiner will be looking out for. Many things can lead to failure, such as speeding or driving too slow, driving through stop lights or blocking pedestrian crossings. Stay alert and maintain focus and composure throughout the test to avoid any of these errors.

Arrive at your test prepared

The last thing you want to do is turn up to your test and be turned away due to a technicality. Thoroughly research what will be required from you beforehand to
avoid any hassles or dramas.

Some things may seem obvious, such as bringing your learners permit and logbook, but stress can cause many people to overlook these simple requirements. If you plan on using your own car for the test, make sure that it meets the requirements or else you’ll need to use your instructor’s car that you may be unfamiliar with.

Finally, give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your testing location and to fill out any paperwork or other formalities beforehand.

Although there’s a lot to do before undertaking your driving test, following these guidelines will put you in the best position possible to pass.

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