How To Make Your Office Look Cleaner

Studies have shown that neglecting the cleanliness of your work environment could have negative effects on employee mood, mental health and overall productivity. Because of this, it’s important to keep your office tidy all throughout the week. To help you do this, we’re going to give you five simple tips to make your office look cleaner.

  1. Use rubber mats or cable protectors

Everyone that has used a PC before knows that computer cables are difficult to organise. They snake all across the floor and drape down the back of your desk like thick, black cobwebs.

In order to keep your office clean, you need a simple and easy way to organise your cables. For this purpose, you should consider investing in rubber mats or cable protectors.

For safety and aesthetic reasons, it’s best to run your cables around the sides of the room with cable clips or adhesives. However, there will be instances when you need to have the cables run across a doorway or a hall. In this case, you can use rubber mats to cover up the cables and prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard.

If you really want a clean, professional aesthetic, you can also get cable protectors. Rubber cable protectors are typically shaped like small speed bumps. They can house computer cables, water hoses, gas lines and so on. Proper protectors also have a high-vis yellow top so that workers can see them even in poor lighting conditions.

  1. Use a desk drawer to store small items
Desk Drawer

An office wouldn’t be an office if it wasn’t full of sticky notes, paperclips, pens and scrap paper. If you’re not the type to tidy up your workspace every week, your desk is probably cluttered with these items.

Unfortunately, since these office supplies are necessary for work, you won’t be able to get rid of them completely. What you can do, however, is get a desk drawer to store all that clutter. A drawer will not only give you easy access to your office supplies, but it will also make sure that the items are off your desk and completely out of sight.

If you don’t have space for a desk drawer, you can even get a simple desk tray. With a desk tray, you’ll be able to organise your supplies into different compartments and prevent your desk from being cluttered.

  1. Buy furniture that’s easy to clean and maintain

Leather chairs are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. They evoke a sense of luxury that almost no material can match. However, in comparison to your other options, leather is not the most durable material out there. Too much sun exposure, extreme changes in temperature and strong cleaning solutions can easily damage leather.

While there are plenty of ways to mend leather, you simply won’t be able to get it back to its original state once it gets damaged. If you have leather chairs in the office, chances are, they’ll eventually crack and fade overtime. When this happens, it won’t be a good look for your workspace.

Because of this, you should get office chairs that are made of a more durable material. Chairs that are made of woven fibre, mesh or even plastic are great alternatives. These materials won’t crack and fade as easily as leather. In addition, they offer great breathability, allowing you to stay cool during the summer.

  1. Keep the floors clear
Office Floor Cleaning

For safety and aesthetic reasons, you should do your best to keep the office floors clear at all times. To do this effectively, you need to first identify the types of items that always find their way onto the floor. The common culprits are bags, empty boxes and rubbish.

For bags, you can simply get a cabinet that the workers can store their possessions in. A locker system is a great way of ensuring the safety of the workers’ belongings, while also ensuring that the floor is clear of duffel bags and backpacks.

For rubbish and empty boxes, you can simply place accessible recycling and general waste bins around the office. Indeed, multiple studies and surveys have suggested that a considerable number of people leave rubbish on the floor simply because there’s no bin nearby. If you provide the workers with the right bins, they’ll be more likely to dispose of their waste properly.

  1. Get a lid for your rubbish bin

Finally, you should consider getting a lid for your rubbish bin. Workers and visitors alike would not want to see rubbish overflowing onto the office floor. Nor would they want to smell what’s in the rubbish bin either. With a lid, you’ll be able to keep your office looking clean and smelling fresh.

Additionally, having a lid may encourage you to take out the trash more often. Indeed, no one wants to have an overflowing rubbish bin with a lid placed on top of it.

If you’re the type that doesn’t like touching the bin when you don’t have to, you can also invest in a rubbish bin with a motion sensor. Simply bring your hands near the bin, and it will open for you. During the midst of a pandemic, this is a small but effective way of maintaining good hygiene in the workplace.

There you have it, five simple tips to make your office look cleaner. As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on major upgrades and renovations to have an aesthetically pleasing office. All you need to do is to carefully consider the problem areas and come up with cost-effective but clever solutions. Hopefully, the list above gave you some ideas of how to improve the cleanliness of your office space.

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Darryl Hodges

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