How to Increase Passerby Foot Traffic into Your Store

For any brick-and-mortar retail business, getting a steady stream of customers through the door is vital for keeping the business happy and healthy. But turning passive passersby or window shoppers into buying customers can be tricky.

We have some tips to help you turn those random folks on the footpath into new and loyal customers.

Good External Signage

Signage is all about grabbing attention, piquing interest and ultimately drawing customers inside your store. So it’s vital that you make your signs eye-catching, clear and attractive, and a good representation of your brand.

Remember, signage isn’t just about what’s hanging over your front door. Good signage starts at the curbside, and sometimes even further away.

Monument signage or roadside signs are a great way to draw in foot traffic from the footpath or curbside. Strategic use of roadside signage or promotion, in the form of sandwich boards, billboards, digital signage or mascots, can be a great way to draw drivers off the road and into your store.

You can also look to add curbside extras like sandwich boards, flags or banners, or colourful displays that attract attention. These can outline special offers or in-demand products or just be used to project your brand or vibe with quirky sayings or quotes.

Some strategically placed retail display stands along the footpath can also be a great way to lure in browsing customers. However, make sure you are only displaying low value products, since the potential for curbside theft can be high.

Well Maintained Storefront

Unless you’re vintage shopping or opp-shopping, no one wants to spend money in a store that looks like it’s falling apart. A well maintained and clean storefront is essential for customer curb appeal. Dirty windows, peeling or faded paint or dusty and cobwebbed displays can quickly turn away even the most interested or purchase-intent customers.

Make sure you stay on top of your storefront maintenance. Regular cleaning, dusting, window washing and street sweeping will keep it spick and span. And periodic repainting, repairs and upkeep will ensure your store front is looking its best.

Window Displays

Window displays are one of the most powerful tools for drawing in foot traffic. Try to create window displays that capture interest, tell a story and properly represent your brand. A well-designed display will showcase your most desirable products while also being geared towards impulse purchases.

Window displays should be changed regularly to keep people interested. Try tapping into the latest trends by displaying the newest, hottest or most seasonably relevant products.

Don’t overwhelm shoppers with too many products or risk cluttering up your windows. Go for a single theme with a few key pieces that offers the promise of more inside.

Clear View Inside

Shopfitting Melbourne

Ensure that passersby have a clear view into the store. The further into the store they can see, the more products you can display to people outside the shop, and the better sense of the internal shop atmosphere shoppers will have. This is important, since customers want to have a sense of what they are walking into before they enter the store. If they can see what the store is like inside, they will be more likely to enter.

Strategic shopfitting is a great way of ensuring that potential customers can see as far into the store as possible from the footpath. Bright lighting, carefully placed and displayed products and well thought-out shelving is vital for this.

Employee Training

Finally, employee training can be a good way of helping to increase foot traffic. Ensure your staff understand the best way to greet customers, help them find what they’re looking for and know when to simply let a customer browse at their own pace. Remember, the right approach can be the difference between drawing a customer into the store, and pushing them away.

Once you have the custom in the shop, it’s a matter of moving them through a well constructed purchase funnel. However, that’s a topic for another day.

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