How to Get the Most Out of Your Poolside Area

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you know how much joy and happiness it can bring into your home. Whether it’s swimming laps to get your fitness levels up, teaching your little ones how to swim or floating around with a beer in your hand, pools can offer up a great reprieve from the infamous Aussie summer.

It’s no secret that pools also take time, money and effort to maintain. Sometimes, it can start to feel like more effort than it’s worth, especially if you and your family aren’t getting as much use out of it as you’d like. If you’re looking to spruce up your poolside area and get the most out of your investment, there are a few tricks you can pull to make it more inviting and fun than ever. Here are 5 ways you can enhance your poolside for the summertime and make it fun again for the whole family.

  1. Upgrade your poolside furniture

Lots of people are hesitant to invest in poolside furniture, worried that it’ll quickly deteriorate and become weathered over time. While this is true in some cases, there are several high-quality options out there that require minimal maintenance and are built to withstand the elements.

Teak outdoor furniture is a popular choice for these very reasons, being resistant to the effects of rain, sunlight, storms, pests and mould and mildew. Its impressive strength and durability make it an ideal addition to any poolside area, and it’s built to last whatever our wild weather throws at it.

Teak outdoor chairs

  1. Add lights to your pool

We all love using our pools during the day, but why not get the most out of it at night, too? Adding LED lights in your pool is a great way to keep things safe for a late-night swim, illuminating your pool and the surrounding garden at a low cost.

This can also add an exciting visual element to your pool at night, with the option to install light with different colours, patterns and brightness for the ultimate experience that enhances your pool’s beauty.

  1. Add greenery to your poolside area

Adding greenery around your pool can help give it a tropical and tranquil feeling, giving the feeling of the ultimate staycation and your own little paradise in your backyard. Whether it’s a vertical garden running alongside the edge of your pool or even just potted plants on the poolside can go a long way with minimal effort involved.

Just make sure to get plants that can survive the harsher conditions that come with being poolside, like the direct sunlight and reflection off the water. Frangipanis, star jasmines and agave attenuates are all solid options that will add some flair and excitement to your poolside with minimal TLC.

  1. Make it multi-purpose

Another way to get some more use out of your pool is to make it multi-purpose. Something like a meditation spot or a picnic area can be a fantastic way to utilise the relaxation that a pool can offer, even if the weather’s not warm enough for a dip.

If you have the space, you can even create space for home workouts by your poolside. This allows you to get some fresh air and open space while you exercise, rather than trying to awkwardly do your workout in your bedroom or living area.

  1. Ensure routine cleaning

It may not be much fun, but the proper care and maintenance of your pool will go a long way in getting as much use out of it as possible. Getting in the habit of routinely testing the water and adding chemicals as necessary, checking and cleaning out the filter, vacuuming the bottom of the pool and keeping the pump running are all essential factors in keeping it clean and safe.

In terms of the poolside area, regularly sweeping, maintaining the greenery and keeping the pool fence clean are also relatively quick and easy tasks you can do to keep everything looking in top shape.

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Alex Harris

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