How to Get Coffee Stains Out of a Carpet

If you’re anything like me, you love your coffee. But those unsteady hands in the morning mean more coffee splashing than I’m proud of. And my poor carpets have had to pay the price. Thankfully, I’ve become a bit of an expert when it comes to carpet cleaning.

So, whether you drink your coffee black, white or with or without sugar, I have a foolproof way to get any coffee stain out of your carpet.

What you need

  • Clean white cloths or towels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet stain remover (preferably an eco-friendly cleaner)
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  1. Check carpet cleaning recommendations and stain remover instructions

    Before starting, check the manufacturer’s instructions for your carpet. It may suggest avoiding certain cleaning products or methods to prevent further damage to your carpet or rug.

    Check the instructions on your stain remover and make sure it’s suitable for your carpet fabric. Some stain removers can damage delicate carpet fibres or affect the colours. Always test a stain remover if you haven’t used it before. Test a small amount of the stain remover on the least visible area of the carpet. Leave it to settle in, the rinse it with water to see if it has affected the carpet.

  2. Lightly wet the stain

    Once you’ve tested the cleaner, then you’re ready to get to work on the stain. If the coffee has already dried into the carpet, you will need to loosen the stain by sprinkling on some warm water.

  3. Blot up the coffee

    Once the stain is moist and loosened, use a clean white cloth to blot up the coffee. Work from the outside of the stain toward the middle so you don’t spread the coffee stain into more of the carpet fibres. Try not to scrub as you do this as this can damage the carpet fibres.

  4. Add more water to dilute the stain if necessary

    If the stain is still visible but no more coffee is transferring from the carpet onto your cloth, pour a little cold water onto the remaining stain. Don’t saturate the carpet; you’re just trying to dilute the coffee to get as much of it out of the carpet as possible.

    Using a fresh white cloth, continue blotting the stain.

  5. Apply stain remover to stain

    Water and blotting may be enough to remove the stain. However, if it has really settled into the fibres, you may need to apply the stain remover.

    Use the product as directed and leave to settle in as directed. Only apply as much stain remover as is needed. Too much can actually attract and trap dirt, spreading the stain and making your carpet dirtier.

    If your coffee had milk or sugar in it, you may also need to use an enzymatic cleaner to break down the proteins. This will stop your carpet from getting sticky. Many carpet cleaners designed for pets are enzymatic.

  6. Let the carpet dry before vacuuming

    Leave the stain remover and carpet to dry. When the carpet is fully dry, thoroughly vacuum the affected area. This helps to remove any residue from the stain remover and fluffs up the carpet fibres.

    The stain should now be completely gone. If the stain is still visible you may need to look into professional carpet steam cleaning.

    With your carpet looking fresh and clean, now is the perfect time to kick back with a cuppa! Enjoy.
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