How to Find a Great End-of-Lease Cleaner

When moving homes, it’s impossible to completely avoid stress. You have to consider moving companies, property settlements and your finances. It can be easy to feel suffocated by all these obligations and responsibilities.

It is possible, however, to mitigate the stress by hiring professionals to help you with some parts of the process. For example, when it comes to cleaning your old property, there are plenty of reliable bond cleaning and end-of-lease cleaning services available.

With the help of an experienced house cleaning company, you can take your mind off of cleaning and focus on other important matters. Professional cleaners will also make sure that you get your bond deposit back in full. The best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger.

So, how do you find the right cleaning company for your property? How do you know if a particular cleaning service will do a good job?

To help you, we’ve listed the key things to look for in an end-of-lease cleaning company.

  1. Experience

You want to hire workers that understand the process of house cleaning inside and out. As bond cleaners, they also need to understand what real-estate agents and homeowners are looking for during inspections.

How will you know if your cleaner can do all of this? Look at their experience. If they’ve been providing house cleaning services for a while, chances are they know the level of cleanliness required to get your bond deposit back.

Additionally, experienced cleaners are more likely to be consistent and efficient. This will save you much needed time. More importantly, it also will give you peace of mind during the process of moving.

When choosing a house cleaner, be sure to choose the company that has been providing high-quality services for a long time. Of course, the more experienced they are, the more you’ll have to pay. However, given the convenience that their services provide, you can argue that it is well worth the price.

  1. Specialised Services

Once you’ve found an experienced cleaning company, don’t pull the trigger quite yet. You need to know the type of services that they offer and see if it fits your requirements.

Before committing to a service, check what’s included in their cleaning checklist. Do they offer carpet and upholstery cleaning? Do they have sanitisation services? Will they have the appropriate tools and equipment?

If you need a custom bond cleaning checklist, make sure that they can do that for you as well. This will ensure that the cleaners focus on areas that need extra attention. For example, small details like doorknobs, light switches and window sills are common features that home inspectors check.

Some customers are also environmentally aware. As a result, they might want to make sure that their chosen cleaning company uses eco-friendly cleaning methods and products.

  1. Bond-back Guarantee and Insurance

Before commiting to a particular company, make sure that they have some sort of a guarantee in terms of quality of service. Bond back guarantees are a must if you want peace of mind.

Reputable cleaning companies usually guarantee customer satisfaction. This means they will give you a full-refund or a free re-clean if you’re not happy with the end result. Also, it’s possible that your valuables can be lost or damaged during the process. To avoid having to deal with such headaches, make sure to work with a cleaning company that is fully bonded and insured.

Hiring a cleaning company that isn’t insured and has no bond-back guarantee will only add to your worries.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne
  1. Fair Price

Great cleaning companies usually offer fair prices. When doing your research, it’s best to look at the different cleaning packages that various companies offer.

Most service providers have custom packages that can be personalised to your particular needs. This can save you a lot of money, if you only require a few rooms to be cleaned.

Also, if you can, try and find a company that gives a free, no-obligation quote.

When it comes to price, it’s important to find a sweet spot. You don’t want to overpay. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice quality of cleaning by hiring a cheap service.

  1. Great Reputation

Finally, you should check the company’s track record and reputation in your local community. How satisfied were their previous customers?

Consider the quality of their customer service. Are their cleaners friendly and professional? How fast do they respond to your inquiries? Remember, for a cleaning company to be successful, they must know how to communicate with their clients. Good communication ensures that both parties are on the same page and know what to expect from each other. Additionally, it will allow customers to ask any questions that they might have.

Another important factor is the turnaround time. With so many things that you have to sort out, you need the cleaning done as efficiently as possible. Most cleaning companies should be able to give you a time estimate.

Now that you know what to look out for, you’re ready to hire a cleaning company. To mitigate stress, make sure you choose an experienced and reputable company. Do some research, understand what your property needs and find the cleaners that are right for you.

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