How a Messy Workplace Can Lead to Injury and Illness

These days, a workplace injury can be extremely costly for a business. Legal costs, workers compensation, replacement staff, government fines, medical costs – any of these can take a serious chunk out of your bottom line.

So, the smart (and obvious) thing to do is minimise the risk of injury and illness around the workplace. It doesn’t matter if your business is in Brighton, Forest Hill, or anywhere else in Melbourne, keeping your workplace clean and tidy is a crucial first step to reducing the incidence of injury.

Regular cleaning from a reliable and reputable commercial cleaning company is essential to mitigating a range of injury and illness risks around the workplace. An untidy and unhygienic workplace can increase the risk of injury and illness in numerous ways.

Unclean carpets can lead to the growth of mould and mildew, releasing bacteria and other allergens into the air and increasing the risk of respiratory infection and ailments like asthma.

Unclean air ducts can also affect air quality, circulating bacteria and allergens and leading to illness. Dirty kitchens and food preparation areas can speed up the spread of infection and even lead to food poisoning or outbreaks of gastro. And the risks associated with dirty bathrooms are pretty obvious (and gross!).

Regular commercial cleaning will quickly resolve these issues and help to reduce the risk of workplace illness. But it’s about more than just cleaning. There are other factors in the workplace that you need to keep an eye on to reduce the incidence of injury.

Watch out for slip or trip risks

According to Safe Work Australia, more than 50% of workplace slips, trips and falls are caused by environmental factors. These include wet floors, unclean floors, poorly designed or maintained walkways, poor lighting in walkways, debris or materials cluttering walkways, improperly placed electrical cords or wiring or something as simple as a piece of paper on the floor.

A slip or fall can lead to serious injury to employees, as well as legal trouble and serious costs for your business.

Some simple ways to reduce the risk of falls include:

  • Ensure all materials are properly stored
  • Regularly clean and dry all walkways
  • Cleans up spills as soon as they happen
  • Ensure no wiring, electrical cords or hoses are obstructing walkways
  • Install non-slip surfaces
  • Avoid the build up of rubbish and other debris near or on walkways
  • Ensure proper lighting in all walkways
  • Ensure staff have proper OH&S training
  • Ensure staff are wearing appropriate footwear at all times  

Operating machinery 

If you are working with machinery in areas that are not kept in pristine condition, they could become a risk to staff and others. For example, a build up of sawdust around machinery can create a slip risk.

You should look to ensure that not only is all machinery kept in clean and in appropriate operational condition, but that the area surrounding the machinery isn’t subject to the build up of debris and rubbish.

Look into OH&S standards for cleaning

You should absolutely look to ensure that you don’t just meet your OH&S standards, but that you exceed them. The more that you can do to make your workplace a safe space for everyone, the less likely you are to run into problems regarding health and safety.

If you are serious about making sure your business is safe, then you should invest in a commercial cleaning expert. They can come in and evaluate the full property, letting you know exactly what has to be done to get the place in a safe and secure working condition once again.

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