Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

A good kitchen design can drastically improve your cooking experience. Whether you live in a small apartment or a larger home, the right kitchen layout is essential for creating a comfortable and functional cooking environment. So, before you take on a kitchen renovation, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the different kitchen layouts and considering their pros and cons.

  1. The Galley
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This layout consists of two benches facing each other on opposite walls. One side usually has the stove, the other side holds the sink and the space in the middle serves as the entry point. The galley layout is perfect for small, narrow living spaces. It makes great use of small corridors in apartments.

The compact design is focused more on functionality than aesthetics. If you’re a lone cook, this small space can become a comfortable cooking area. You’ll have quick and easy access to cupboards, cabinets and other kitchen necessities.

Unfortunately, due to its size, the gallery layout isn’t ideal for entertaining guests or socialising. Additionally, the narrow space in the middle makes it difficult to install an island or a breakfast bar. And if you have more than one cook working in the kitchen, it can become quite crowded.

  1. The L-Shaped Kitchen
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The L-shaped layout is a popular option for homes that have a little bit more space. As the name suggests, the layout consists of one long bench, one shorter arm and an open area as your entry point. Usually, the fridge and pantry will be placed on the short arm and the sink and stove will be on the long bench.

The open space makes it easier for multiple people to work together in the kitchen. If you’re the only cook in the house, it will give you plenty of breathing room. Additionally, the open area makes it a perfect layout for those who want to entertain guests. You can incorporate an island in the middle of the layout along with some high stools. Alternatively, you can have a dining table put in the open area.

Unlike the galley layout, an L-shaped kitchen might not offer the same level of accessibility. For example, because of the longer bench, it might take more time to move from each facility, making it difficult to create a smooth workflow.

  1. The U-Shaped Kitchen
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The U-shaped kitchen is great for large living spaces and large families. This layout consists of three walls, one wall being reserved for the fridge and cabinetry while the other two are used for the sink and stove. Like the galley, the space in the middle serves as the entry point. With U-shaped kitchens, however, that space is large enough for other features to be installed.

U-shaped kitchens generally offer plenty of space for storage. With so much room to work with, this layout works well for households with multiple cooks. Additionally, the space in the middle is usually reserved for a breakfast bar, which is perfect for socialising and family gatherings. Unlike the L-shaped layout, this one offers some privacy as it is a bit more closed off.

Typically, these layouts take up a lot of space. Because of this, this style isn’t often used in more compact and modern kitchen designs.

  1. The Island
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If you want your kitchen space to be lively and social, then consider the island layout. It is suited for medium to larger-sized homes. It consists of two benches along two walls and then an island with a built-in sink or stove. Sometimes the island is left free of cooking facilities, allowing both cooks and guests to have a social space.

The main advantage of this layout is that it allows you to interact with family and guests while you’re cooking. The layout is open, that means your cooking skills and all your kitchen items are on display for the whole house to see. It creates a connection between the kitchen and the other living areas of a home.

On the other hand, due to the lack of privacy, the noise that you make in the kitchen can be easily heard in the living room or the dining area.

  1. The Peninsula
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The peninsula layout usually has two benches along two walls and a counter that sticks out. This ‘peninsula’ counter can function as an island, used for cooking preparation, eating and some socialising. This can be a viable option for homeowners with a small living space, but want the advantages of an island.

Since the counter isn’t going to be as big as a proper island, the amount of people you can sit might be limited to one or two people. Additionally, the open space created by the three benches is generally too small to install other kitchen facilities.

When choosing a kitchen design, consider your lifestyle needs, cooking preferences and available space. Keep these things in mind and you’ll find it easier to find the right layout for you.

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