Choosing The Right Pile Height For Your Turf

Artificial turf is a great alternative to both natural grass and pavement materials like natural stone or concrete. With synthetic grass, you don’t need to worry about common maintenance tasks like watering, mowing or resealing.

However, not all synthetic turf products are made the same. Each product varies in terms of colour, grass shape and chemical composition. In order to get the most out of your turf, you need to consider each of these aspects and find the most suitable option for you.

One of the more important features that you need to consider when buying synthetic turf is pile height. This is the height of the turf from the backing to the end of the grass blades.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of pile height and how it affects the aesthetics and practicality of your turf.

Long pile height

  • Aesthetics

A long pile height is usually considered to be 5cm or longer (2 inches). In terms of looks, longer piles are generally considered superior. The taller blades give your turf a lush and soft look, which is perfect for homeowners trying to capture a rustic and homely aesthetic.

  • Feel

Turfs with longer blades also provide a lot more cushioning under the feet. Longer pile heights are perfect if you enjoy relaxing on the grass during those warm summer days.

So, if your children love playing outdoors or if you just enjoy going barefoot in your backyard, a turf with a soft surface is the best choice.

  • Maintenance

As your turf endures more foot-traffic over time, the tall blades of grass will gradually flatten out and lose their lushness. Because of this, you might have to use a broom to get the blades back to an upright position.

In general, however, it’s best to avoid placing turfs with longer piles in a high foot-traffic area.

Short pile height

Artificial Grass Melbourne

  • Aesthetics

Turfs with a shorter pile height (less than 2.5cm) are going to have more of an artificial look compared to their longer counterparts. Certainly, the grass isn’t going to look as lush. In some cases, depending on the grass type, the surface might even give a sense of hardness as opposed to softness and comfort.

That being said, shorter piles are great if you’re looking to print images on the surface. For example, they are ideal for logos and field markers for certain sports.

  • Feel

Shorter piles aren’t as soft as longer piles, but they do provide more stability and traction for users. This makes it ideal for various sports like rugby and football.

  • Maintenance

Unlike longer piles, turfs with a shorter pile height don’t flatten as much overtime. So,if you’re using the turf for weekly sports events or other occasions that are going to see a lot of foot-traffic, a shorter pile height is ideal. Turfs with shorter piles are generally more durable and you don’t have to worry about maintenance too much.

This was just a short guide on pile height. If you have specific concerns about the blade shapes, chemical composition and colour of your turf, be sure to consult your local artificial grass supplier.

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