Benefits of Aluminium Doors and Windows

 Benefits of Aluminium Doors and Windows

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or fitting out an office or retail space, sooner or later you’re going to need to think about the window and door frames. When it comes to what kind of frames you want to install, there are plenty of options including timber, PVC and aluminium. While not the most exciting building or decorating choice, your decision will affect a range of factors including cost, ease of installation, durability and longevity, maintenance and aesthetics.

To help you make the most informed decision, we’re going to run you through some of the benefits of aluminium doors and windows.

  • Durable and low maintenance

One of the most notable strengths of aluminium windows and doors is the durability. They are ultra-tough and nearly maintenance-free. Because they are corrosion proof, you don’t need to worry about rust. Unlike timber, they don’t need to be sanded and polished to keep them looking great. They can handle any weather conditions without wear and tear and they won’t crack, split or warp over time. Even if the frames are damaged, aluminium is very easy to work with, which makes aluminium door repairs cheap and easy.

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  • Pest-proof

Unlike timber, aluminium is at no risk from termites, wood borers and other pests. You’ll never need to treat your doors and windows for termites and that means you use fewer chemicals around the house, which is good for your family and good for the environment.

  • Cheaper than timber

As a raw material, aluminium is cheaper than timber, which saves you money on up-front materials. Since aluminium is easier to customise and work with, there is a lower labour requirement compared with working with timber. And this saves you money on labour costs.

Because of aluminium’s extremely low maintenance requirements and extremely long life, it will continue saving you money over the life of the product. While timber has ongoing maintenance expenses – like painting, sanding and polishing and pest-proofing – aluminium products don’t require this level of maintenance, saving you time and money.

  • Excellent thermal performance

Thermal performance is an important consideration when it comes to doors and windows. A substantial proportion of a home’s thermal transfer takes place through the windows. So, anything that can be done to reduce this will save you money on heating and cooling bills.

Aluminium timber and door frames have been shown to perform better than timber or PVC when it comes to thermal transfer. Combining high-performance aluminium frames with double glazed low-E glass can dramatically reduce thermal transfer, helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter without relying on your heating or cooling system.

  • Fully recyclable

Unlike a lot of other building materials, aluminium is easily recycled. In fact, it has the highest recycling rate of any metal. That means your window and door frames can be made from 100% recycled materials without compromising the quality, durability and appearance of the product.

  • They come in a range of finishes

Aluminium window and door frames are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be customised to suit your decorating style. You can even get patterned finishes, like pearl, metallic or timber. Because they are powder coated (not painted), they will never need painting and won’t fade or crack due to exposure to the elements.

So there you have it – 6 major benefits of choosing aluminium window and door frames. Talk to your building or architect today about the benefits of aluminium window and door frames.

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