Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a lot to love about a good bathroom renovation project. It can update a tired, worn-out space, improve and comfort and functionality of your bathroom and even add value to your home. However, a renovation can be a complex and costly process with lots of room for error. And a renovation mistake can end up costing you big. It could blow out the budget or timeline for the project or lead to ongoing maintenance and costly repairs down the road.

To help you get your renovation right, we have a few common renovations mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

DIY Waterproofing

While doing some of the renovation work can definitely save you time, when it comes to waterproofing you’re best off trusting it to the professionals. Poor quality waterproofing in the bathroom can lead to a mass of problems including water damage to your floors and walls and mould and mildew problems. These issues can be difficult to repair and extremely costly. They can even pose risks to your health and safety.

Poor Ventilation

Good ventilation helps to air out and dry the bathroom. This is important to prevent mould and damp problems and to help maintain air quality. If your bathroom is not well ventilated, surfaces can remain wet, which is an invitation for mould growth and damp problems. Make sure that a good quality extractor fan and at least one window is factored into the bathroom design.

Poor Layout

A poor bathroom layout can affect functionality and usability. When considering layout, it’s especially important to not overcrowd the space. Remember that there must be adequate space for the fixtures and for people to use them.

When planning the layout, it’s also useful to try to work within the constraints of the original plumbing. Try to situate toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers so you don’t have to redo any of the plumbing, since this will save you significant time and money.

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Skipping the Bath

Not every bathroom has room for a bathtub, but it’s definitely worth trying to include one if you have the space. Baths can increase the value and of your home and be a selling point should you come to sell your house.

Poorly thought out Fittings

While it can be tempting to choose quirky or unique fittings for your fittings and fixtures, it can be better to stick to classic or simpler styles. Statement fittings can quickly date as trends shift and you may end up finding yourself considering another remodel just to update the fittings and fixtures.

Inappropriate Materials

As you consider the look of your new bathroom, remember to choose materials that are suitable for the space. Just as you need to ensure your bathroom is properly waterproofed, you need to make sure you only choose materials that are suitable for a wet space. For instance, wood panelling or wallpaper may perfectly suit your aesthetic vision, but if they can cause serious problems down the road if they’re not suited to a bathroom’s moist, humid atmosphere.

Inadequate Storage

Inadequate storage space can compromise the functionality and convenience of your new bathroom. Be sure to factor in enough space for towels, shower and bath products and all your toiletry and personal grooming products. Without quality storage, you may have to give over counter space to storage, which will end up looking extremely messy.

Prioritising Beauty Over Function

First and foremost, your bathroom needs to be functional. While that clawfoot bathtub may look stunning, it could end up being extremely impractical. Plan your bathroom for functionality first and then add the aesthetic touches on top. Ideally, you want to find elegant solutions that balance function with style.

Lack of Privacy

Finally, remember that the bathroom is a space that demands privacy. If the bathroom isn’t adequately private, it isn’t functional. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can improve your bathroom’s privacy, like using frosted window glass or strategically positioning windows.

Make the most of your renovations by avoiding the mistakes listed above. Take the time to design a renovation that suits your home. And remember that ultimately your bathroom should be functional, waterproof and enjoyable to use.

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