Neil Mathias

Deck Maintenance: Wood vs Composite

If you’re considering installing an outdoor deck, it’s worth thinking about maintenance. Decking requires significant ongoing maintenance over its life to keep it in good condition. And different types of decking boards can require very different levels of maintenance. The two most common types of decking in Australia are timber decking and composite decking. Common […]Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Composite Deck Installation

A composite decking project is an investment for your home that will add value to your property, enhance your outdoor space and last for years to come. Unlike timber and other decking materials, composite decking requires very little maintenance, won’t fade to grey and won’t spilt, crack or warp. One factor that can shorten the […]Read More

Composite Vs Timber Decking

If you’re considering adding a deck to your home, the most important decision to make is what kind of decking material you’re going to use. These days, the two most popular choices tend to be composite decking and timber decking. Each material has its pros and cons,but each will provide you with a fantastic deck […]Read More