Ben Hosie

Different Types of Bollards

When it comes to keeping a location safe from impact damage, bollards are essential. Bollards are strong and sturdy, providing security for both pedestrians and private property. Like other traffic safety equipment, bollards can reduce the risk of vandalism, trespassing and major accidents. Bollards are typically used to prevent vehicles from entering a pedestrian area. […]Read More

Why Quality Warehouse Flooring is so Important

Warehouses can be busy and potentially dangerous workplaces. You have a mix of machinery and foot traffic, heavy loads and fast-moving traffic. The smooth and safe operation of any warehouse is greatly reliant on the quality of the warehouse flooring. Smooth, non-slip, well-lighted, line marked and properly sealed flooring can improve warehouse operations in a […]Read More

Making your Warehouse Safe

Warehouses can be very dangerous places to work. You’re handling heavy loads and sometimes dangerous materials, sharing space with loading equipment and vehicles and there’s a high risk of slips and falls. In Australia, warehouse operators are legally required to ensure that specific health and safety requirements are met in a warehouse environment. Beyond the […]Read More

Why Line Marking is Important

When it comes to safety, you don’t want to take any chances. Whether it’s for a car park, worksite or warehouse, line marking is important to ensure that any traffic – whether it’s foot traffic or vehicle traffic – moves through safely. While most people commonly associate line marking with roads and car parks, it’s […]Read More