What you Need to know about Aged Care Relocation

As we get older, living independently may no longer be viable or desirable. Health and medical concerns, mobility issues, the loss of a partner or the desire to downsize are just some of the reasons to start considering the move to aged care. Moving into an aged care facility can offer a range of benefits […]Read More

Why do Phone Screens Crack so Easily?

If you’re around my age, you probably remember the famously unbreakable Nokia 3310. The battery would last for a week and you could pretty much drive a car over it without damaging it. Fast-forward 20 years and we’re all carrying mobile phones that seem to crack if we look at them wrong. You really couldn’t […]Read More

9 Ways to Reduce your Heating Bills

Winter heating bills can quickly get out of control. Whether you have central heating, or gas, oil or fan heaters for individual rooms, the costs can quickly add up, particularly if you’re not careful how you run your heating. However, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your heating costs. A […]Read More

5 Best iPhone 11 Protective Cases

Nothing is worse than hearing that cracking sound as your phone hits the ground. Best case scenario, it means the hassle of getting a cracked screen repaired. Worst case, it means major phone repairs or a hefty bill for a brand new device. As anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone will tell you, they are […]Read More

The Benefits of a Mobile Phone Holder for Your Car

Safety is the most important thing when driving. No phone call or text message is an excuse for taking your eyes off the road. In Victoria, there are strict penalties and expensive fines to hammer this home. But completely ignoring your phone while driving can be difficult. Mobile phone car holders are a great compromise […]Read More