9 Office Makeover Ideas (on a Budget)

Creating a good office environment is important for keeping workers motivated and happy. It will also help you to project a dynamic company or brand image and instill confidence and trust in prospective clients.

However, most companies don’t have the budget, time or resources to invest in a complete office makeover. But there are ways you can refresh a tired, outdated office space without having to completely refurbish the space.

So let’s have a look at 10 office makeover ideas that will breathe new life into your office space without the huge price tag.

  1. Company Logo

Every company should have its logo placed somewhere in the office. This doesn’t only set the tone of the office, but it also gives your client an idea of what your business represents.

Creating a prominent logo display is a great way to project a bold and confident brand image. This can be done in a variety of ways including creating a logo sculpture, wall murals or even a digital display.

  1. Wall Art
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Plain white walls can look sleek and modern, but they can also project a sense of emptiness, blandness and a lack of imagination. Adding wall art can brighten up and enliven the office, adding colour and personality to the space. You could even consider going for branded wallpaper that says something about your brand, your values or your people.

  1. Furniture

Outdated or worn out office furniture looks bad and can be a health and safety risk. Update your office furniture to include pieces like standing desks and ergonomic chairs. Not only will these additions be good for your employees’ health, but it will also help to project a progressive and forward thinking image for your company.

  1. Something Fun!

Businesses are increasingly working to create office spaces that inspire fun and creativity. Providing entertainment like board games, a pool table or table tennis table, encourages people to take a break from work, recharge their batteries and get the creative juices flowing, while bonding and interacting with other team members. It’s also a great way to generate an organic workplace culture.

  1. Natural Lighting
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When decorating your office, one of your primary targets should be to make work more comfortable for the employees. And this is why adding natural lighting to your office is crucial. Natural light is better for the eyes, can improve productivity and concentration and offers benefits for long term mental health.

Consider rearranging your seating plan to ensure you make the best use of the natural light available.

  1. Add some Greenery

Apart from being decorative, plants can help to integrate a natural feel into an office. Plants can also improve the air quality of your workspace, improving worker health and wellbeing, as well as concentration and productivity. thus, boosting the performance of your employees. Some of the best plants for the office include peace lilies, cacti, devil’s ivy, dracaena and ficus plants.

  1. Whiteboards and Notice Boards

Are you looking for eye-catching ways to share amazing ideas with your team members? If yes, whiteboards are good options to consider. Notice boards can also come in handy for sharing important dates and information with your team members.

  1. Mood Boards

A mood board refers to a collage with tons of appealing images and texts. With the aid of these boards, you can elevate the mood of everyone while still boosting the beauty of your office. You must make sure the information on the mood boards is essential to the service or product of your company.

  1. Paintings

The last makeover idea on this list is painting. This idea is not only affordable but is also capable of enhancing the overall appeal of your office.

For a corporate setting, you can consider minimalist paintings. However, colourful paintings can also boost the vibrancy of your workspace.

Now, take your workspace to the next level with these great makeover ideas.

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