8 Top Tips for Designing Your T-Shirt Online

Creating your t-shirts online is a fun and easy way to order custom shirts for any occasion. All you need is your computer and a creative mind to get started. There are several tips to follow when it comes to t-shirt printing on demand to make sure your t-shirts come out looking just as you pictured in your mind. When designing your own t-shirt, you can choose the style of the shirt, the design, where to put the design, how big to order it, and more. So let’s have a look at a few tips to help you design your perfect t-shirt.

  1. Style of the Shirt

When you’re choosing the style of the shirt, make sure it’s a good material so the design will show up nicely. The colour also matters. When you get to the point where you need to pick out a design, make sure you choose a lighter colour t-shirt. It makes your design stand out. If you choose anything dark, then you do not have many choices for your design.

  1. The Design

The design is the main part of your shirt, and it’s the one thing you need to put the most thought in. It’s important to have a think about how the shirt will look after it’s printed. You should also think about what your custom made shirts are going to be used for. If they’re for business purposes, make sure they look professional.

A lot of people use words instead of pictures when they create their design. If you’re using words, make sure you pick a font that is easy to read. Sometimes cursive writing doesn’t always show up well after your design is printed on your shirt.

  1. Placement of the Design

Not only are the colours of the shirts and designs important, but trying to figure out where it will go on your shirt is also important. Try not to have your design too big because it may not fit on your shirts. You can put it in the center of the shirt to make it look like it just came out of the store. As far as any words are concerned, try to not have the letters bunched together. Make it look natural.

  1. Shirt Size

The shirt size also matters. Get everyone’s shirt size, and order one or two sizes bigger just to make sure they fit well. They may run small or they may run big. This way you know they will fit. Plus if they are too big, you can always stick them in the dryer to shrink them a little bit.

  1. Pricing

If you’re doing bulk t-shirt printing, think about how much it will cost. Some companies will offer a discount if you buy in bulk. For others, the price goes up for the amount of shirts you need to buy. Think about your budget. The price for colour printing may go up too.

  1. Do Your Research

Whether your shirts are for business or personal reasons, do your research before you begin creating a design. This is how you can check out how other t-shirts look. Pay attention to the details. Look at the colour scheme, look at the letter design, and see how each design was printed. Make sure you’re looking at t-shirts that have been printed online but don’t copy. It will also give you inspiration on the kind of design you should be creating. It will help if you go through the process yourself before you start making your own. This will help get you used to everything and see how it works. If you have any questions, you could ask and still get your t-shirts printed on time.

  1. Landscape or Portrait View

Another tip is to decide if you want your design in landscape or portrait view. Having a horizontal design may stretch out and not fit how you want it to. A portrait design could also stretch if you’re not careful. Try coming up with a design for both views and see which one you like the best. When you put the design on the shirt, imagine what it would look like printed. If either view doesn’t do either the shirt or the design justice, you can either choose a different design or scale it down a little bit. Don’t scale it down too much because it may not print in focus.

  1. Focus on Time Management

A very important tip is to rely on time management skills. Before beginning the process, make sure you have enough time to complete it. Think about the amount of shirts you need and how long it will take you to receive them. If you’re designing your shirts online for a special occasion or for a business event, then you must have a deadline. Think about the amount of time it will take to ship your t-shirts once you get down to the ordering process. Usually it will say how much time it will take to have it printed and how long it will take to ship. The earlier you start designing, the better off you will be and you will be able to make your deadline without any worries.

When you design your own t-shirts online, you can choose the style, design, the size, and the price. You are in control and have fun doing it. Once you start making your own t-shirts online, you won’t go back to anything else. The most important thing to remember with custom t-shirt printing is to have fun with it and don’t over complicate things.

Designing your t-shirts online doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s supposed to be fun. Make sure you’re happy with everything before you click that button to submit your t-shirt design. Show it to family, friends, co-workers, and see if they are happy with it.

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