8 must-haves for your New Luxury Home

Building a luxury home is about more than just size and aesthetics. More than anything, a luxury home should offer you convenience and comfort at the highest level.

As technology advances, so do the opportunities to elevate and modernise our homes. Beyond pools and tennis courts, a truly modern luxury home should offer you both opulence and easy, enjoyable living. There are plenty of high-end luxury home builders who can work with you to build the home of your dreams.

But before you get started, it’s worth thinking about what you want from your luxury home. And we have a few ideas.

An open floor plan

An open floor plan consists of one or more large, open rooms that can function as multiple rooms within the same single living space. Most commonly, this consists of a “great room” which combines the kitchen, living room and dining area in one shared space.

Open floor plans are an absolute must if you want to get the most out of your house. They come with a number of benefits, including:

  • An abundance of natural light due to the lack of imposing walls and doors
  • Creating a grand, spacious look and feel
  • They’re great for entertaining and allow you to interact with your guests while preparing food and drinks in the kitchen or setting the dining table
  • They allow for your family to be more connected and spend time with each other no matter what area they’re using

An outdoor dining area

An alfresco dining area can be one of the most appealing features of a designer home, allowing you to enjoy quality family time or entertain your guests in a spectacular fashion. Here are tips to transform your ordinary home like an expert interior designer.

Installing a small outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbeque, small sink, mini-fridge and stove top will elevate any outdoor dining area. This way you can spend as much time outdoors as possible and take full advantage of your alfresco dining area.

Outdoor heating, quality speakers and dimmable lights will help to enhance this area even further, making it great for entertaining and usable all year round.

A spacious kitchen

The kitchen has long been the focal point of a house, and this doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. True luxury requires a cutting edge and spacious kitchen, that makes both cooking and socialising a breeze. Some of the key features of a luxury kitchen are:

A multi-purpose island that holds two large sinks, plenty of space for food preparation, and room for stools to be used for casual dining

  • An abundance of storage for your food, appliances and utensils
  • Room to entertain guests while you prepare food and drinks
  • Top-of-the-line appliances and room for a large refrigerator

Smart lighting systems

Smart lighting technology has exploded over the past few years, giving homeowners the chance to create a more sustainable living environment while adding an extra layer of convenience to their homes.

Smart lights can be controlled via app, programmed or set to respond to activity in a room, saving you from wasting energy by leaving on lights in unattended rooms. They can also be completely customised, giving you complete control over the level of light you want throughout your home at any given time.

Smart lighting can be used in any area of the home, from the garden to the outdoor patio. They are a key feature of the new era of luxury homes, which are fitted with the latest technology for your continued convenience and sustainable living.

Integrated pelmets and motorised blinds

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Luxury homes often have spectacular views and a large amount of natural sunlight due to this abundance of windows. Although blinds are necessary for light and sun control, they can often be jarring and distract from the clean lines that are so popular in modern homes.

This is where integrated blind pelmets come in. They can be built in above windows to obscure the roller blind and maintain the sleek, modern aesthetic that so many desire. For the ultimate convenience these blinds should be motorised, allowing you the opportunity to set them on a timer and control them from anywhere in the home.

Doubled motorised blinds will provide you with the most privacy and sun control, one with translucent fabric and one that blocks out the sun completely.

Spa-inspired bathrooms

A spa-inspired bathroom is a surefire way to bring relaxation and a luxury holiday feel into your home. Unwind in style with marble countertops, spacious walk-in showers with head-to-toe jets, heated floors, warmed towels and a huge soaking tub.

Although it may not be realistic to equip all the bathrooms in the house with these amenities, making sure that every one of them is spacious, well-lit and modern will keep the whole family as well as your guests pleased.

Entertainment rooms

One of the most exciting features of luxury homes is extravagant entertainment rooms. Children and adults alike go crazy for them, and they can be personalised to match your family’s interests and hobbies.

Many people opt to bring the cinema experience into their entertainment rooms with a home theatre, fitted with an impressive flat screen and state-of-the-art sound systems. Others may opt for more of a party vibe, with a built-in bar and plenty of room for guests and perhaps even a pool table.

Whatever your preference, an entertainment room is sure to provide year-round joy to you and your guests.

Home gym

Why go to the gym when the gym can come to you? Avoid sharing sweaty equipment and crowded bathrooms by making room for a home gym in your new luxury home.

The best home gyms will include not only plenty of space for weights and equipment, but also wireless speakers and a television for you to play your favourite music and watch whatever you please while you sweat it out.

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