7 different ways to use hair extensions

As the quality and technology surrounding hair extensions has improved over the last few decades, so has their versatility. Not only have they become more fashionable and socially acceptable, but they have more uses than ever before. Whether you go for synthetic or human hair extensions, there are plenty of creative ways to use them.

In this article, we’ll dive into all the ways hair extensions can be used to mix up your look and elevate your hair game.

1. Covering a bad haircut
We’ve all had an unfortunate haircut before, and it can feel like the end of the world. But rather than hiding under hats, hair extensions can save the day while you wait for your haircut to grow out.

Whether your hairdresser chopped too much length off your hair or gave you uneven layers, hair extensions can be used to cover up any problem areas and prevent any insecurities your new cut has brought on.

2. Adding length and volume
One of the most common uses of hair extensions is to add length and volume. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities always have such thick, voluminous hair, hair extensions are probably the answer.

Whether you just naturally have fine or thin hair or simply want to switch up your look, hair extensions can elevate any hairdo. They’re guaranteed to add glamour and flair, and when done right provide a natural, seamless transformation.

3. A temporary fringe
Fringes (or ‘bangs’) are always a controversial choice. For this reason, many people choose to stay away from the style completely.

However, hair extensions allow you to experiment with a fringe without committing fully to the look. No one wants to be stuck with a fringe that doesn’t suit them for months, so before taking the plunge consider using extensions instead.

4. Thicker braids
As braids have come back into fashion, hair extensions are being used more and more to achieve the long, thick look that’s all the rage right now. This look is extremely hard to achieve with natural hair, so extensions are a must if you’re hoping to recreate this trend.

Clip in Hair Extensions Melbourne

The best part about this is that only a minimal amount of hair extensions are needed to give your braid the thickness you desire. Even just one row of clip in hair extensions can do the job, and they can easily be taken out at the end of the day.

5. Fuller ponytails
The long, high ponytail is finally back, popularised by Madonna in the 1990s and now reintroduced into the mainstream by Ariana Grande. But this specific type of high, tight ponytail can be very damaging to your hair in the long run and also quite painful.

Luckily, extensions will not only elevate this look but will also help protect you in the long run by taking the pressure off your natural hair.

6. Adding highlights and pops of colour
Colouring your hair is a huge decision to make and comes with a considerable amount of risk. Not only could you be stuck with a colour that you don’t like, but it also can damage your hair and is often hard to maintain.

Luckily, extensions allow you to experiment with different colours without the commitment of colouring or bleaching your hair. They’re a low maintenance alternative that can help you decide whether you want to do something more drastic in the future. Wigs are another popular option when trying new hair colours, as they can provide you with the full coverage that extensions can’t.

7. Adding accessories
Hair extensions can be used to add accessories to your hair in ways that can be difficult with just natural hair. Things like wrapping your ponytail around your hair tie or creating a braided crown are very intricate tasks that can take a considerable amount of time, only to fall apart shortly after completion.

Using hair extensions, you can forget about the limitations of your natural hair and use the versatility of the extensions to experiment with accessories and ideas. They’re a great opportunity to get creative and try things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Now that you know of all the different ways to use hair extensions, don’t hesitate to try out some of these ideas in this article. Have fun, get creative and try out a new look!

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