6 Must-Have Lash Accessories

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of false lashes or a seasoned expert, there are various must-have lash accessories that you’ll need to be familiar with. Without the right accessories in your arsenal you could be setting yourself up for disaster, so it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of how the process works.

To help your lashes look as bold and beautiful as ever, we’ve collated this list of 6 must-have lash accessories. No matter how you like to wear your lashes, these accessories will help you achieve your desired look and make the application and removal smooth, easy and effortless.

  1. Adhesive

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Adhesive, or lash glue, is one of the most important lash accessories you’ll come across. A colourless, thin liquid, lash adhesive is safe for use around the skin. It helps your fake eyelashes stay put on your skin, as its base chemical cyanoacrylate cures when exposed to moisture.

There are many things you’ll have to consider when deciding on the right eyelash glue, including its drying time, fume level, period of use and more. Many people find it useful to have more than one kind of lash adhesive on hand, depending on how long they plan on wearing their lashes and the weather forecast for the day.

  1. Tweezers


Tweezers are key in picking up and attaching lash extensions, as it’s virtually impossible to do so with your bare hands. Tweezers are also used to isolate your natural lashes, which allows for the natural shedding process to occur uninterrupted.

There are many different kinds of tweezers available and what will best suit you depends on a variety of factors, such as your facial features and the type of lashes you’re applying. For example, S shape lashes are ideal for those with deep-set eyes or prominent foreheads, and L shape lashes are more suited for those creating handmade volume fans.

  1. Cleansers


Before you even start trying to attach your lash extensions, you need to clean your natural lashes to remove all debris, dirt and oil that will be stuck in between your lashes and your lash line. This will help your lash extensions last as long as possible, keeping the lashes in place and helping the adhesive bond successfully.

When choosing a lash cleanser, always pick one that’s free from alcohol and oil. These ingredients can negatively impact the adhesive, making it brittle and shed prematurely.

  1. Lash primer and micro brushes

Once your lashes have been cleaned, we recommend applying a lash primer. Lash primer will ensure that all dirt, debris and oil have been removed from your eyelashes before your extensions are applied.

The primer can be applied using micro brushes and will help best prepare your eyelashes for their extensions. While we can’t always control how long our extensions will last or how strongly they bond, what we can do is our very best to get rid of oil and debris on or around our eyelashes.

  1. Mascara wands

Mascara wands, also known as spoolies, are a valuable tool used to separate lashes. Mascara wands work best when applied before, during and after the application of your extensions, so they’re well worth the investment. This is because they can help separate and spread lashes and prevent entanglements, keeping them looking as natural and pristine as possible.

On top of this, mascara wands are also an important part of maintaining your lashes. Over time, oil, makeup and dirt can build up in your lash extensions, often making them clumpy and sticky. Mascara wands can be used to remove this build-up of dirt without having to rub your lashes.

  1. Adhesive remover

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If you’re not happy with how your lash extensions are looking or are simply ready to take them off, adhesive remover will help you do so safely and efficiently. It works by dissolving the lash adhesive and is manufactured to respect the sensitivity of your eyelashes and the vulnerability of your eyes. This means that you can rest easy that your eyes or natural lashes won’t be damaged throughout this process, leaving you ready for your next set of lash extensions.

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