5 Signs your Aircon Filters aren’t Working Properly

It can be easy to neglect the inner workings of our air conditioners. Turning the thing on and off is usually as far as we’ll go in terms of giving it attention. Ideally, you want to check on your A/C unit and clean your aircon filters once a month.

Regularly checking your air filters can lower your power bills, improve the air quality in your home or business and potentially save you money on repair costs. Additionally, having your filter replaced regularly can help increase the efficiency and longevity of your A/C unit.

In order to have your A/C system performing at its best during the summer, you need to know when to replace your air filters.Of course, we aren’t all air conditioning experts. So, if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

To help you out, here are 5 signs you need to change your aircon filter.

  1. Poor Air Quality

Air filters are often made of fine cloth or paper. They are stretched across the unit and filter dust, dirt, hair, pollen and lint. These filters are designed to remove these tiny particles, ensuring that only clean air circulates through your A/C system. With dirty or worn out air filters, all this unhealthy debris will be recirculated around your home or place of business.

For individuals who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues, this can be a major problem as the contaminants in the can exacerbate respiratory problems. Poor air quality can also lead to vision problems and affect your ability to concentrate.

If you notice the air quality in your place worsening or if people are having trouble breathing, it’s worth checking if your filters are doing their job properly.

  1. Air isn’t Cold Enough

If your A/C’s cooling cycle is taking longer than usual or if it isn’t blowing cold air, then it might be a sign of clogged filters. As dust and debris build up on the filters, this can obstruct the airflow and prevent the cool air from freely flowing from the system. Excessive build-up in the filters also means the unit has to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. Over time this can strain and overload the system, reducing the lifespan of the unit or leading to costly repairs.

To save yourself from having to fork out cash for repairs or even a new system, check your aircon filters regularly. Regularly replacing worn or damaged filters or cleaning dirty filters will help your A/C system to operate at optimal efficiency

Aircon Filter
  1. Increase in Power Bills

Clogged air filters can cause your air conditioner to have to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. The more power your unit uses, the more money you’ll have to spend on power bills.

If you’ve noticed an increase in your monthly power bills, it’s worth checking your aircon filters. There could be a lot of different reasons why your bills are increasing, but it doesn’t hurt to check if your air conditioner is part of the problem. A clean filter will help to reduce your power bills low and ensure that your AC system is as energy efficient as possible.

  1. AC Unit Running Hot

If the unit feels too hot to the touch, it could be a sign that your air filters need to be replaced. Clogged filters and increased power usage will cause the air conditioner to heat up. This excessive energy consumption can cause the unit to malfunction and potentially decrease its lifespan.

If your unit is starting to overheat, it’s best to check the filters and see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

  1. Visibly Dirty Filter

It’s normal to see a bit of dust and dirt on your filters. However, if you’re starting to notice an excessive amount building up on the surface, it’s time to replace them. Another tell-tale sign is when you see a considerable amount of dust on the vents. As your filters clog up, their ability to filter air-borne debris starts to decline. This often leads to excess dust accumulating in the air vents of your unit.

Check your filters regularly to ensure optimal performance and increased longevity. If they’re slightly dirty, it is possible to give them a gentle cleaning. However, if you notice holes and tears on the filters, they will have to be replaced entirely.

To avoid this problem complete, you should have your air conditioner regularly and professionally serviced. This will ensure that your filters are clean and that your unit is running at peak efficiency.

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