5 Reasons Tutoring is a Great Part-time Job

Looking for a great way to earn some extra income and make use of your expertise? Tutoring offers people of all ages an opportunity to work with students to help set them up for future success.

Tutors are like private teachers that work with their students one on one to help prepare them for exams, tests and studying in general. Whether working with exceptional students who strive to be the best of the best or those that need a bit of extra help along the way, tutoring is an important part of learning for students of all education levels.

Keen to find out more? Below we’ll go through the 5 best parts about being a tutor and why you should consider pursuing it today.

  1. Flexible hours

One of the best parts about tutoring is the flexibility that comes with it. As most students will be busy with classes during the day, you’ll be able to schedule your sessions in the afternoon and late evening on the days that suit you best.

This means that you should be able to easily work it around your work or study schedule, and not let it interfere with your own life and previously established commitments. You can also do tutoring on the weekends too, giving you even more freedom to plan a time that works for you. Most tutoring sessions only go for an hour too, so each student you take on will only require a small part of your day.

You’ll get the most freedom if you work as a self-employed tutor, although you can work at a private tutoring company too. Although this may offer you less flexibility, it could very well increase your client base and help you to keep the money rolling in.

  1. Working from home

As a private tutor and even at many private tutoring companies, you’ll have the opportunity to work from home. Whether through virtual sessions or by having students come to you, this only adds to the freedom and convenience that tutoring can afford you.

Working from home not only saves you money on transportation and eating out but also cuts out any commute time and gives you more time in the day for yourself outside of work.

  1. Future opportunities

Even if tutoring isn’t what you want to do full time, it still offers you great experience for future positions and looks excellent on any resume. Not only does it prove that you’re highly skilled and competent, but it also shows that you possess excellent organisational, leadership and communication skills.

If you’re pursuing a career in education, working as a tutor while you’re studying is a great way to help develop those skills that you’ll need in future teaching jobs.

  1. Supplement your income

Tutoring full-time is certainly an option for many people and the pay can be great. However, it can also be a fantastic way to supplement your income if you already have another job or are studying. The flexibility that we discussed earlier means that you can work around your schedule and make the commitments that you feel most comfortable with.

Even just doing a few sessions a week can cover things like your rent, bills or entertainment expenses, and give you more financial freedom without it impacting your social life or mental health.

  1. Rewarding and fulfilling

Tutoring is also an excellent way to challenge yourself and build and improve upon your existing skill sets. Every student you work with will learn differently and have their own challenges, and it’s up to you to adapt to their learning style and be an effective teacher.

Seeing your students develop their skills and grow over time can also be extremely rewarding as you watch their confidence improve thanks to the time and effort both of you put in. While it will no doubt be challenging at times, especially in the beginning, the hard work will definitely pay off in the end.

Tutoring is something that will always be in demand, no matter the age or the subject. With the right amount of knowledge, passion and patience you can help make a difference in your student’s life that neither of you will forget.

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