5 Reasons Taking an Abstract Art Class is Good for You

For those who have a latent creative talent, one of the best ways to nurture that gift is to take an art class. However, art classes aren’t just about painting pretty pictures or giving yourself a creative outlet. They offer a range of other great artistic, psychological and social benefits.

“But I have no artistic talent,” I hear you say. Well, everyone has artistic talent. Sometimes,it just takes a bit of training and a bit of practice to develop. But for those people who don’t have the patience for the technical and formal training required for something like life drawing, then the best option may be an abstract art class.

With abstract art, you can dive straight into creating beautiful works without the complexities of formal art training. There are plenty of great abstract art classes all across Melbourne.

Still not convinced? Well, here are 5 reasons why taking an abstract art class is good for your mind and your soul.

  1. Learning a new skill

    Learning new skills stimulates different parts of your brain. It fires neurons and helps to form new neural pathways, which increase the speed that electrical impulses move through your brain. All this helps to improve brain performance, enables you to learn faster and can even help to stave off dementia by promoting the growth of myelin in the brain.

  2. Increasing your creativity

    Taking an art class will help you to think creatively and in other ways that you don’t normally think from day to day. Learning to think creatively is an invaluable skill, not just for creating art, but for your life in general.

    Creative thinking helps you to think about and approach problems from a range of different perspectives. You can see solutions or create strategies that wouldn’t previously have occurred to you. It helps you to think beyond your standard range of critical approaches.

    Creative thinking will help to broaden your options when it comes to dealing with situations or problems at home, at work or in your personal life.

  3. Relieve stress and anxiety

    Studies have found that creative activity, regardless of artistic experience or talent, can help to significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Research has shown that creative work reduces the levels of cortisol, a biological indicator of stress.

    At a basic level, any kind of creative work forces your mind to focus on something other than the stress or anxiety or whatever is causing those feelings. This helps to calm the mind, enabling you to approach the stress and anxiety from a calmer and more rational perspective.

    With a little practice, creative activity can even help you tap into a state of flow similar to that achieved by meditation. This not only helps you to manage stress and anxiety, but it can also help to improve your focus, memory and other cognitive abilities.

  4. Meet new people

    Taking an art class can be a great way to meet new and interesting people and share your artistic experience. Not only will you have the fun of engaging with other creatively like-minded people, but you’ll also be able to share ideas, get feedback and develop your creativity in a social space, helping you to become more secure and confident in your own work.

  5. Push you out of your comfort zone

    Too many people get stuck in their weekly routines and never do anything that challenges them or pushes them out of their comfort zone. And it’s these experiences that open you up to new challenges, new people, new ideas and, in short, help you to grow.

    Taking an art class will make you try out a new skill, interact with new people and open yourself up to criticism. All these things can be scary to people, but overcoming them can lead to invaluable life experiences.

Whether you want to improve your mental health, break up your routine, learn something new or just paint some pretty pictures (there’s nothing wrong with that!), consider the benefits of taking an abstract art class today.

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