5 design tips for a Stylish Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of a home, so it should be as luxurious and lavish as the other rooms in the house. We all want to decorate our bathrooms like the beautiful rooms we see on TV and in magazines.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to create a luxurious spa at home. But, you don’t have to spend on an expensive makeover to make your space feel luxe.

If you can’t afford to install Italian marble tiles, an elegant bathtub or a rain shower, still there are still several ways to make your bathroom look expensive without breaking the bank. Have a look at our economical bathroom renovation ideas which will definitely inspire you to create a lavish bathroom without breaking the bank.

  1. Elegant colour combination is key

    If you are aware of the best color combinations for home décor, then you do not need a big budget for a luxurious bathroom makeover. Get online to find out how to make use of best paint shades and accessories to make a stunning bathroom under budget.

    Countertops and cabinets in white can be magic in the bathroom. White is a simple yet elegant colour that can enhance your bathroom style at affordable prices. Go for light neutral wall paints while seamlessly coordinating it with white bath linens to make your designer bathroom look expensive. Quality towels, rugs and accessories in neutral shades can also help you create a high-end bathroom style.

  2. Create a comfort corner

    In almost every luxury bathroom in high-end hotels you’ll find some sort of seating, whether it’s a garden stool, an armchair or a tufted footstool. Soft upholstery and warm timber tones bring dimension and depth against hard stones and tiles for a well-coordinated ambiance. So, place a perch in your bathroom and enjoy a pedicure session on your own royal throne.

  3. Add a grand mirror

    Many of us settle for generic mirrors to hang in our bathroom. But, if you spend a little more time choosing a bathroom mirror, it can do wonders to enhance the style of your bathroom. Pick a stylish mirror that hides a cabinet and you’ll not only make your designer bathroom look expensive, but increase your storage space. Choose an intriguing grand mirror with vintage or antique detailing to add plenty of light. Look for affordable options in flea markets or antique stores so you don’t blow the budget.

  4. Use fancy bath mats

    Old, threadbare bath mats can make even the most stylish bathroom look messy or unkempt. To create the luxury bathroom vibe, consider adding a Persian or Turkish style rugs to your bathroom. The tufted fleece carpets are both soft and the ideal alternate for a shower mat. They can add so much sophistication and personality to your space and there are numerous options also available at an affordable cost.

  5. Dress up your bathroom walls

    While wallpaper can be expensive and tricky to apply, the result is well worth the effort. If you’re looking to add some flair to your walls, a carefully chosen wallpaper design can be game-changing. To make the most of your financial plan, go for just accent wall or ceiling designs to cut the costs.

You could also transform the lighting in your bathroom. This is one of the best ways to redesign an ordinary space into a high-class showpiece. Rethink how bathroom lighting can be best arranged to create a designer space. Rather than the traditional light, go for pretty sconces alongside a mirror. Pendants are also in high demand to give a trendy look to bathrooms. Incorporating fresh flowers and greenery can also go a long way in making your designer bathroom more vibrant and prettier.

With these affordable bathroom renovation ideas, you can make your designer bathroom look expensive without breaking the bank. You can also have a look on our blog on the Preparing for a Bathroom Renovation

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Nick Wilson

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