5 Best iPhone 11 Protective Cases

Nothing is worse than hearing that cracking sound as your phone hits the ground. Best case scenario, it means the hassle of getting a cracked screen repaired. Here are some tips avoid cracking your phone screen.Worst case, it means major phone repairs or a hefty bill for a brand new device.

As anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone will tell you, they are fantastic but delicate pieces of technology. And they don’t come cheap. So whether you’re outdoors on a worksite where your phone gets banged about a lot or you’ve just got clumsy hands, investing in a sturdy protective iPhone 11 case could save you a lot of money, hassle and heartache.

However, with so many protective cases on the market, it can be difficult to know which are legit and which won’t handle the job. And with some cases topping out at over $100, you want to make sure when you invest in a protective case, it’s going to do the job.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of the five best protective iPhone 11 cases. So, here we go (in no particularly order)!

LifeProof Fre

Iphone Cover

LifeProof have built themselves quite the cult following with their range of stylish but ultra-tough cases.

While the iPhone 11 is supposed to be waterproof, it’s an Apple product so it can always use a little more protection. The LifeProof Fre is completely waterproof for up to 2m with an operational time of about an hour. The case features military grade drop and shock protection and will keep your phone safe and undamaged for drops of up to 2m. The Frē includes a built-in screen cover and offers complete protection from water, snow, dust, dirt, shocks and drops.

However, there is a downside to all this protection. A completely sealed phone case can significantly muffle the phone speaker and microphone, which can make phone calls difficult to hear. The case is also only available in a small range of fairly dull colours.

Despite this, the LifeProof Frē remains a top of the line protective phone case and can handle just about anything thrown at it.

CaseMate Tough Groove

Phone Cover

While most other protective cases have a dull military aesthetic, the Case-Mate Tough Groove is fun and funky while still being ultra-tough. The Tough Groove collection is available in a few plain colours. But the obvious standout is the iridescent finish, which changes colour depending on the light and colour of the device inside. The case also includes an anti-scratch coating to keep it looking great.

The Tough Groove collection has a raised groove texture, which gives it a cool 3D effect while also making it easy to grip. The tough one-piece design is rated for 3m drop protection and it’s compatible with wireless charging. For complete peace of mind, the Tough Groove comes with a standard lifetime warranty.

While it doesn’t have the protective features, like waterproofing, that some other cases have, it is one of the best looking protective cases on the market.

Otterbox Defender

Mobile Phone Cover

The OtterBox Defender series provides ultimate protection for the full iPhone 11 range. Its triple-layer design features a super grippy rubber cover surrounding a polycarbonate case. It includes integrated port covers to prevent debris from clogging ports and jacks and comes with a built-in holster, which can also double as a kickstand.

OtterBox puts its flagship Defender series through its paces with a total of 238 hours of testing over 24 different tests. It offers military grade protection, premium drop and shock proofing and is virtually shatterproof. It’s also available in one of the larger ranges of colours and designs.

It is worth noting that the Defender is a screenless case, which can leave your screen vulnerable to damage on face drops.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

Color Mobile Phone Cover

The Tech21 Evo Check may be one of the more expensive cases around, but it does have its benefits. When it comes to drop protection, the Evo Check has been tested and rated for up to 3.6m, which is a higher drop rating than most protective cases. It provides multilayer protection around the edge bumpers and built in button covers.

It’s sleeker and more slim-line than many of the other protective cases and it feels good in the hand. It even includes antimicrobial protection to minimise germ build-up on your phone case.

The Evo Check may not be to everyone’s tastes when it comes to the aesthetic. It looks quite plasticy and comes in a range of mostly garish colours that don’t do favours for the trademark checked design.

Despite this, the Tech21 Evo Check has been a global bestseller for a reason and remains a great option when it comes to protective cases.

Catalyst Impact Protection Case

Iphone Mobile Cover

The Catalyst Impact Protection is your no-frills option when it comes to visual design. It’s simple, sleek and understated and designed to showcase your phone. But don’t let the simple design fool you. It’s still incredibly tough. It offers drop protection of up to 3m and features a 1.2mm raised bezel that protects your screen from face drops and an air cushion impact truss system. It’s ergonomically designed, super lightweight and is great to handle.

So, there you have it. Our list of the best iPhone 11 protective cases currently available. While the iPhone 11 does appear to be one of Apple’s tougher phones, there’s nothing wrong with investing in a little added protection.

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