5 Advantages of Using Vegan Skincare

When most of us think about going vegan, we think about food and dietary restrictions. The truth is that being vegan is about so much more than that, and emcompasses everything from what we wear to the furniture we buy.

You’d be surprised by just how many animal products sneak into the goods we buy, which is why it’s so important to be diligent and do your research. In addition to making changes to your diet, one of the best ways to start exploring veganism is through your skincare routine.

Vegan skincare has a number of benefits that mainstream products just can’t compete with, and you’re almost guaranteed to see results within just a few short weeks of making the switch. To find out more about the benefits of plant-based skincare, keep reading below.

  1. Gentle on the skin

Our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply to it, which is why it’s in our best interest to avoid the artificial and synthetic ingredients often found in animal-based products. Many of these ingredients, while beneficial, can also clog our pores and cause severe breakouts and skin irritation.

On the other hand, vegan, natural skincare products are purely plant-based and full of gentle, organic ingredients that are effective and safe. Many vegan skincare products contain ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree and chamomile that have been proven to purify the skin, and they’re also high in Vitamins B, C and E which help promote cell regeneration and a youthful appearance. These all-natural ingredients are also full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

  1. Cruelty-free

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One of the best things about anything vegan is that it’s cruelty-free and saves lives. Companies that engage in animal testing keep their subjects in tiny cages and have them living in fear for their entire lives, and once they have no use for them anymore they’re euthanised and dumped in the rubbish.

Once you switch to vegan skincare, you no longer have to worry about the products you’re using being tested on innocent, harmless animals. Not only this, but they’re free from animal-based ingredients that come from killing animals or keeping them in captivity.

  1. Avoid undesirable ingredients

While we all know where meat, eggs and dairy come from, many beauty and skincare products contain outright bizarre animal-based ingredients that they’d rather keep a secret.

Many mainstream skincare brands regularly use ingredients such as insects, urine, sheep wool and ground hooves in their products. While some of these may have their benefits, it’s not the type of stuff that many of us would want to be absorbed into our skin on a daily basis.

  1. Sustainable packaging

As most vegan skincare products are produced with the goal of reducing waste and harm to our planet, an added bonus is that they’re made using sustainable packaging. Seeing as plastic isn’t biodegradable and can poison our food chain, it’s integral that we reuse packaging as much as possible and reduce the amount of it that’s produced and disposed of.

Luckily, vegan beauty and health brands tend to use recycled plastics and other forms of environmentally-friendly packaging, making every aspect of their product kind to the planet.

  1. Affordable

Many people have the misconception that vegan products are overpriced and not accessible, but the truth is that vegan skincare has plenty of options for every budget. Whether you want the cheapest product available or you have a taste for luxury, you’ll be able to find 100% organic, all-natural skincare that’s cruelty-free and yields impressive results.

Another bonus is that as vegan skincare becomes more and more popular, more products will continue popping up on the market at an even broader range of price points. This means better value for your money and a greener, happier planet with less waste and less animal cruelty.

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