3 Tips for Recruiting Skilled Labour

Recruiting skilled labour presents a range of challenges. Any recruiting process can be costly and time consuming. But recruiting for highly skilled positions requires expertise and a detailed understanding of the skills, qualifications and requirements of the role.

Making a mistake can mean hiring someone who doesn’t have the necessary skills or experience and could mean you have to start the recruitment process again or pay for your new hire to acquire the skills or qualifications necessary for the job.

To make sure you hire the right person, we have a few tips for recruiting skilled labour.

With these three steps, you’ll find the right hire in no time.

  1. Update your recruitment tactics

Start by improving your recruitment strategy. The traditional ad in a newspaper or on a job site is going to mean sorting through a lot of unqualified applicants.

Using an industry-specific recruitment company will ensure your job ad is seen by the right people. Specialist recruiters can present you with a range of candidates who meet your skills and qualification requirements.

For instance, a construction recruitment consultant will be in contact with trade schools, TAFEs and training organisations and can help you access the best candidates for the role.

You can also do your own legwork and make your company a known presence in the industry. Attending job fairs can be an easy way to get your company’s name out there. It can also be a stepping stone to making industry contacts of your own. Either way, you may then have strong candidates approach you before a job is advertised.

Take advantage of any industry contacts you already have as well. They may already know exactly the person for the role.

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  1. Make your company desirable

Job ads go both ways. While you’re asking candidates to match a certain set of skills, they’re looking at your company to see what you have to offer them. Your ideal candidate may not even bother applying for the role unless they can see a benefit to working with you as opposed to one of your competitors.

Make it clear what a candidate stands to gain from joining your team. This could include benefits like opportunities for training, professional development and mentorship; a competitive salary; and job flexibility.

Remember to include all of these benefits in the job ad. If it’s not clear that your company is a competitive and highly desirable employer, you won’t get high-quality candidates.

Additionally, it’s worth making it clear in your advertisement that you value inclusivity and diversity in your company. Candidates of all races and genders should feel welcome to apply. Valuing inclusivity and diversity not only projects a positive company image, but it’s good for your business.

  1. Improve your communication skills

Don’t rush writing your job ad. Not only should it include information about why someone would want to work for your company, but it should be clear who the ideal candidate is.

Have a detailed and thorough description of exactly what you’re looking for. If you expect the candidate pool will be small, you can divide up skills into required and desirable. This way you’re still advertising for your ideal candidate without disadvantaging yourself by excluding all worthy candidates.

If you’re hiring a member for a pre-existing team, have them look over the job description and advertisement. They may be able to advise on changes.

Finally, before you begin interviewing candidates, hone your own interview skills. Have a series of questions ready to test their knowledge and experience. Questions designed to get a sense of the candidate’s personality can also be helpful. You may be able to see if they will be a good fit with existing team members. Read 5 Essential Reference Check Questions

Getting the right person for a job takes work. However, getting a committed and qualified employee is a reward in itself.

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