10 Great Festival Outfit Ideas

If your summer plans include a festival or two, then you might want to start planning your festival outfit now (because summer is just around the corner). When it comes to a great festival outfit, you want something fun but comfortable that will keep you dancing all day and night. Most importantly though, you’ll want something that expresses your unique style and makes you stand out from the crowd. If you’re stuck, get some inspiration from our top 10 favourite festival outfits.

  1. Flares with a crop top

The ‘70s are back, baby! Create a fun and flirty 1970s persona with this simple throwback outfit. Comfortable and stylish, you’ll feel powerful wherever you go, strutting your stuff in these iconic pants. Choose statement flares with bright colours or intricate patterns and then team them with a minimalist crop top for a killer look.

  1. Matching two-piece

Whether it’s plaid, sequin or neon, a matching two-piece is an easy outfit to rock at any festival. You don’t have to worry about finding styles and prints that match — all the hard work is already done for you. And the more vibrant the pattern, the more you’ll stand out.

  1. Metallic or holographic

Holographic has been a popular festival trend for a few years but the transition to metallics is coming. Choose pieces made from fabric that shines, like cargo pants or crop tops. Alternatively, choose metal accessories, like chain halter tops and body harnesses. A metallic outfit is guaranteed to have you shining in the sun or moonlight.

  1. Sheer dress

If you want an easy, breezy boho look, then you need a sheer dress. It’s a simple way to glam up your favourite shorts and crop top combo. Add a wide brim hat and oversized sunnies and you’ll look like a movie star on holiday.

  1. Double denim

For a practical, durable and stylish outfit that won’t cost you a cent, go double denim. Grab your favourite denim shorts or jeans and throw on a denim jacket. Team them with your favourite band shirt or statement accessories, and you’re ready to go.

  1. Desert goddess

Perfect for dry, hot weather, this desert-inspired outfit will keep you cool and look stunning. Your key pieces will be a pair of comfortable cowboy boots and a fringed top or jacket for this modern take on the old-school western look. Plus, a wide-brimmed hat will finish the outfit and provide much-needed sun protection.

  1. Overalls

Overalls are a magic item of clothing that need to be in everyone’s festival wardrobes. Comfortable, practical, hardwearing and easy to style, overalls are the perfect outfit choice whether you’re a festival newbie or legend. They come in a range of cuts, fabrics and patterns to suit anyone’s style.

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  1. Glitter rainbow

Festivals can be a place to experiment with your style and bring out your inner fairy or pixie. If you want to bring a little rainbow joy to your festival experience, then you need to go hard when it comes to colours and sparkle. Choose your brightest pieces and pair them together. Add sequins and glitter wherever you can. Don’t forget you can add some sparkle to your make-up and hair too. Then you’ll be guaranteed to shine bright and spread a little magic wherever you go.

  1. Crochet

For a festival throwback, opt for a crochet piece or two. Popular in the 1960s, crochet outfits are lightweight, making them perfect for the Australian summer. You can get just about any piece of your outfit crocheted: accessories, cover-ups, even cute crop tops and shorts. If you’ve got a spare weekend, you can even make your own unique crochet piece and learn a neat skill while saving money.

  1. Animal prints

Forget leopard, the reigning animal print is python. Snakeskin has a unique look and you can get this print in all sorts of colours. You can go all out and use python print throughout your outfit or save it just for your accessories. Remember to only use faux snakeskin though. Real snakeskin is problematic, and you might find yourself shunned rather than celebrated at the festival.

What will be your festival uniform this summer? Are you going to sparkle and shine? Or do you want to embrace classic festival vibes with some throwback looks?

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